The Most Important Magical Care Tool In A Witch's Arsenal: Grounding

As a witch who's always on the go it can sometimes be hard to focus on magical self care. I'm traveling and moving and working with lots of people and life is kind of a whirlwind and I love it but sometimes it all gets to be a little... much. In all of the hustle and bustle my ability to take care of myself and my ability to take care of my magical practice can start to go south. Grounding is my solution to this problem!

6 Signs You Need To Take a Hiatus From Magic

Over the last month I’ve hardly managed to do any witchcraft. Yep, you read that right. I’ve been majorly slacking on my magical practice. It seems like every time I turn around there’s something else I have to do, more work, more cleaning, more everything! I was definitely not happy about how much I wasn’t practicing magic.

Then I promptly snapped out of it, realized that berating myself wasn’t going to make me any less stressed or busy and decided it might be time to take a short break from magic. 

A Rest & Respite Bath Spell That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Life is often hectic and rarely leaves enough time and space for busy witches to relax properly. It seems like every week our schedules get a little tighter and we have to fight a little harder to make space for self care.  This spell is designed with the busy witch in mind, not only is it an amazing way to unwind and cleanse your energy so that you can feel refreshed, it doubles as a spell to bring more rest and relaxation into your day to day life. 

How To Heal From A Distance With A Powder Spell

This spell powder is one of my all time favorites and I am never without it. It’s used for sending all purpose healing from a distance. Have a friend who just went through a bad breakup but you’re out of town? Send them some emotional healing. A family member in another town gets injured? You can throw some healing their way before you’ve even left the house. You can even use it to send healing to pets, plants or spirits. It's seriously SO versatile!

5 Awesome Ways To Cast Spells Without Any Tools

If I collect every witchcraft related item that I own together it all fits into one small basket, with room to spare. More often than not my spells are whispered incantations, hastily drawn sigils or entirely performed in my head. I have spent months of my life thinking I was a bad witch because I never did “real” spells! What I didn’t realize back then was that I WAS doing real spells and I was doing them VERY well because I was managing to produce powerful magical results with NO tools or ingredients.

How To Create A Charm For Safe Travels

What traveler doesn’t worry about safety? Whether you’re going by plane, by car or by some other method (broomstick anyone?), safety is paramount. You never want to be caught unawares in a bad situation! This charm wards the traveler against three common travel dangers: getting stranded, physical harm, and theft.

Musings On Trust, Magic, & My Place In The Universe

Without trust my magic is weak and witchcraft feels useless and flat. Trust in my own ability and trust in the willingness of the universe to work with me instead of against me is the core of my magic. Without it I’ve felt like I was just going through the motions and the results were pathetic. This thing that has been a part of my life and a part of me for as long as I can remember just... stopped working.