10 Ways to Get Out of a Witchcraft Rut

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find myself getting into a witchcraft rut. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been doing the same thing in your practice week in and week out and things are starting to feel a bit stale. Maybe you’ve been using the same meditations for too long, or the same old spells are starting to lose their spark.  So what do you do when you find yourself stuck in this witchy routine? Try one of these 10 ways to get out of a witchcraft rut!

How To Stop Doing Magic By The Book And Start Feeling Your Craft

Witchcraft had filled a huge hole in my life, it gave me a spiritual outlet, it was empowering and it aligned with my experiences and personal truths, but something felt off. I was missing the fluidity and intuitive nature of the magic I had known as a child. That magic had been spontaneous, always at my fingertips, and required very little effort to call up. In this new framework though, my magic felt clunky and unnatural. I’d spent so much time learning through books and emulating what I’d read verbatim that I was doing magic but I wasn’t feeling magic. Learn how I overcame this hurdle and reclaimed my intuitive magic!

15 Of The Best Tools And Ingredients For The Broke Witch

Getting started as a witch can be truly daunting, even more so now that we have access to thousands of blogs and photos that show us how other witches are practicing. It can be hard not to look at these more experienced witches and not feel discouraged, after all, many of us have been collecting tools, supplies, and books for years! It seems like there’s a list a mile long of things you need or want to practice witchcraft and many of them come with a price tag. 

For lots of new witches, you may not have the extra cash laying around to drop on these items (or maybe you do and just aren’t ready for that much of a commitment!). Whatever your reasons for keeping your practice money-light, witchcraft doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 15 tools and ingredients that are perfect for the witch on a budget!

How To Use Your Craft To Reclaim Your Personal Power

As much as I love the excitement of the holidays, the cool weather, and being able to see more of my family and friends I have to admit, I find the holidays pretty draining. There’s the stress of orchestrating social engagements, trying to make sure that family events don’t wind up a disaster and the inevitable moments of feeling ostracized or belittled because a relative doesn’t think my craft, my identity, or my political beliefs are valid. When this happens to me, I’ve found that one of the fastest ways to recover is to reclaim this lost power and energy, to call it back to me and remove the hold that moment in time held over me.

How To Cleanse: The Ultimate Guide For New Witches

Cleansing is one of those subjects that gets bandied around a lot but can be unfortunately vague for newer witches. There are dozens of methods, different purposes behind each method, and often the needed information is buried in a mountain of spiritual nonsense and vague soliloquies. It’s no wonder that cleansing is something I get asked about on a daily basis! Today, I'm going to clear up the confusion in this Ultimate Guide to Cleansing.

How To Design An Herbal Toolkit For Your Craft

The sheer quantity of knowledge available in the realm of herbal magic seems to be stopping a lot of witches from being able to confidently learn and grow in their herbal practice. To help you overcome this hurdle, I’ve created this guide and a free worksheet to get you started on your journey into the world of herbal magic!

4 Secrets To More Successful Spell-casting

At some point, we all hit a point in our learning where we feel like we KNOW a lot but we don't feel like we quite have a grasp on using what we've learned. This crisis of confidence can be frustrating because the shift in mindset can actually impact your magic leading to less effective spellwork, less feeling in the craft and even having spells flop more than you're used to. Talk about frustrating!

If you're stuck in this confidence trap not to worry, today I've got four secrets to more successful spell casting to get you out of the doldrums and back into your power.

Calling On The Full Moon When Life Is Painful

When I can’t seem to break free of the melancholy produced by everything piling up in my life I like to call on the moon. With the full moon approaching now is the perfect time to bring lunar energies into our lives to illuminate the confusion many of us are experiencing and bring harmony back to us. 

Cursing 101: How to Break a Curse

Many modern witches feel like curse breaking is a bit out of their league. Some of you are, I’m sure, ready to dive in head first but for those of you who are a little more ambivalent just hang in there. Curse breaking is not impossible and to be entirely honest with you, it’s typically not even all that difficult!

A Spell For The Victims Of a Natural Disaster

This spell is designed to both protect natural disaster victims from further harm and bring the return of happiness and stability to their lives. We would all deeply appreciate it if you’d lend your energy to our relief efforts as we work to reclaim our homes and our lives from hurricane Harvey.

Cursing 101: Is Cursing Wrong Or Is There More To The Story?

In any discussion about baneful magic there will be discussion of the moral implications behind throwing this kind of magic around. Some people prefer to approach it with a “magic shouldn’t be used for harm” mindset and others view magic as a means for reaching your own ends, thus justifying the use of curses, hexes and so on. Today, I’m going to be breaking down some of these arguments and showing the pros and cons of each viewpoint.