Spell casting is a highly creative part of witchcraft! Though there are few hard and fast rules to spell casting, there are some guidelines that can make your spell casting as effective as possible.

It might seem intimidating at first, but once you make a few decisions about what kind of spell you want to perform and what experience you want while spell casting, you’ll be able to create your own methods intuitively or add your own flair to any traditional spell. The information in this course can be used for any kind of magic you choose to perform!

Step One: Decide On Your Spell

The first step to spell casting is to decide what kind of spell you’re going to perform. This can be anything from calling in a new job to banishing the pain from a past breakup. Literally, anything you can dream up, you can create a spell around.

Step Two: Casting With A Group Or Solo

Many witches choose to go it alone because they simply don’t have anyone in their lives to perform magic with, which is fine because there are plenty of benefits to solo spell casting. At the same time, if it makes sense for your situation, group spell casting can be highly rewarding.

Here’s a list of the benefits of both so you can be intentional about which format you choose for your spell casting.

Benefits of Solo Spell Casting:

  • You don’t have to coordinate with other witches.

  • You have complete freedom to design the spell however you want.

  • You’ll have absolute privacy.

  • You may feel less self-conscious.

  • You can focus on yourself and your magic without the distraction of others.

  • You can shift and improvise parts of your spell in the moment as you feel called.

Benefits of Group Spell Casting:

  • More people will bring more energy to the spell.

  • You may feel supported by having a group perform your spell with you.

  • Having others can make a spell feel more special.

  • You’ll potentially form positive bonds with other witches.

  • You can learn from other witches who are more experienced than you.

  • You can feel connected to other witches.

If you have other people who are supportive of you, even if they don’t personally practice witchcraft, you might be able recruit them for a group spell casting ritual if that feels appropriate.

Because much of witchcraft is powered by emotion and intention, it’s accessible to anyone. You could probably talk your significant other or best friend through a spell casting ritual step-by-step in the moment. If you have willing people in your life, give it a try and see how it goes.

Moon magic, sabbats, and other witchy holidays are ideal for group spell casting, but you can make any kind spell work with a group as long as you communicate your intention and process clearly to all involved.