So how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Well… you don’t. Not right away, anyway. I usually choose to trust that my spell did work because even if I did something wrong or were a bit unfocused during my spellcasting, if I truly, fervently believe my spell worked, that energy will continue to work long after I’ve finished my ritual. Think of this like you’re biking on hills. The spellcasting was what got you up and over the hill. The positive, joyful thoughts you continue thinking after your spell will help you gain speed as you fly down the hill. They keep your momentum going.

Another way to tell if your spellcasting did anything is to notice how you feel mentally, physically, and emotionally afterward.

Body: You might feel drained, energized, tingly, warm, cold, or even sore. You might feel relaxed and refreshed. If you feel too drained, it’s a good idea to ground yourself and equalize your energy.

Soul: You might feel emotional urges without really knowing why like wanting to laugh for no reason, or cry even though you’re not sad at all.

Mind: You might have a lot of thoughts, questions, doubts, hopes, and other ideas swirling around your mind after performing a spell.

If you do feel anything out of the ordinary, you can take that as a sign that you did something energetically while spellcasting. However, many witches don’t experience anything after spellcasting. It varies depending on the type of spell you perform and what is going on with you personally on the day you perform the spell.

Self-Care After Spellcasting

If you do notice negative feelings after a spell, make self-care a priority. First, perform a grounding meditation. This can be as easy as taking a couple minutes to visualize thick roots growing out of your feet towards the center of the earth.

Next, take care of any physical issues. Eat some food, drink water, take a nap, or take medicine for any health concerns you notice.

Finally, take care of any mental or emotional issues that resulted from your spellcasting. If your thoughts are racing, take a few minutes to journal, listen to music, or call a friend. If your emotions are all over the place, take it easy on yourself. Watch a funny movie on Netflix (or whatever genre you’re in the mood for), eat some ice cream, or take a bath. Do healthy, but somewhat indulgent activities to allow your emotions to calm down and flow out of your body if that’s what feels right.