You might have read the name of this course and thought, “Structure? Isn’t witchcraft based on intuition and energy?”

Yes, it absolutely is, and you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to creating and performing your own spells.

That being said, there are certain practices in witchcraft that increase the effectiveness of your spells and keep you safe. These practices are what we’ll be discussing this spell structure course. The main aim of this course is to familiarize you with all the parts of a spell and why each part is necessary.

Do not let this “box you in” or limit your creativity. Allow it to empower you to make educated decisions for when you are structuring your own spells!

Why Have A Structure?

  • It will make your spells powerful and effective.

  • It will give you a checklist of sorts to look back over your spells that haven’t been as effective and pinpoint where potential issues are.

  • It will help you decide which parts are necessary, and which you can skip depending on your particular needs.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power, witches. The more you know, the more freedom you have to create any kind of spell you can imagine.