Cleansing is a magical method for moving unwanted energy out of your space.

Cleansing removes lingering energies in a space that can weaken or block a spell from manifesting.

For example, if you are performing a love spell in a space where you had a fight with your roommate or family member, there will be energy there that could hinder your love spell unless you remove it.

Objects in a space may also need to be cleansed. This includes objects involved in the spell itself (like a cauldron, candles, or a wand) and objects that stay in that space (like furniture, carpeting, or picture frames).

You may also notice that certain areas in a space need extra cleansing like around a window, door, closet, or under a bed. This is normal because excess or unwanted energy settles in certain places rather than dispersing throughout an entire space.

Signs you need to cleanse:

  • You feel a disturbance in the space.

  • You think about upsetting memories in that space.

  • You feel any kind of unexplained discomfort in the space.

  • You’re performing a spell you’ve never done before, and you’re not sure how it will interact with the room’s current energy.

  • You might even have to cleanse a space with dusting, vacuuming, or other traditional cleaning methods. Notice if you feel the energy shift when you physically cleanse a space.

This subject has been thoroughly covered in Defensive Magic: Level 1, if you haven’t taken that course or would like a refresher on cleansing, you can find those lessons here >>

Unusual Energetic Cleansing Methods:

Here are a few unusual methods to cleanse a space. If you’re feeling adventurous, give one of these a try!


Movement is a fun and joyful way to cleanse a space. You can put on a song you know raises your mood and move your body! Dance without judgment. Follow your impulses and move in a way that makes you feel good. Because dance is a high-vibration activity, it will send the unwanted stagnant energy out of your space and it will draw in more of the energy you desire.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Cards are a simple and versatile way to cleanse a room. To do this, select a card from your tarot or oracle card deck and hold it between your palms. Imagine a white light moving down from the sky and going into the card. See the light collect around your arms and the card like a fluffy bundle of cotton candy.

Walk around your space, holding the card out. You can think of the card (and your arm holding the card) as a big energetic feather duster. You need not touch the card to the actual surfaces of your space. Keep it about three inches from the walls.

Here are tarot cards from the Major Arcana that have an energy of cleansing:

  • Temperance, a card of perfect balance

  • The Star, a card of rejuvenation

  • Death, a card of endings and rebirth

  • The Fool, a card of new beginnings


Animals often have a high-vibration because they have little resistance to things. If you have a good-natured pet, consider calling on that animal to help you cleanse your space of unwanted energy.

To use this method, let the animal move around your space. The movement will stir up all the stagnant energy in the room and move unwanted energy out. You can get down on the floor and play with your pet to help with the cleansing process.

Another benefit of bringing a beloved pet into your magical space is that animals are sensitive to energy. You might notice that your pet avoids certain areas of a room. That could be a sign you need to further cleanse those areas!