Grounding is the balancing or removing of any unwanted energy pent up inside of you.

Think of your body as a jar and the energy inside your body as water.

If you haven’t grounded before, it’s similar to what happens if someone was to pick up that jar of water. The water inside would slosh around in the jar, back and forth, controlled by the movements of whoever is holding that jar. The water won’t settle until they set the jar down on a flat, stable surface.

Signs you need to ground:

  • You feel “amped up” or jittery.

  • You have too much energy.

  • You feel physically or emotionally drained.

  • You feel nauseous, achy or dazed.

When To Ground

When you structure your spell, plan to ground right before your spell. If you feel overwhelmed after your spell you can ground right after you open your circle and end your spellcasting session.

If you feel you must ground yourself during your spell, pause your spell and do a mini-grounding meditation by sending the excess energy into the ground. When you feel stable again, proceed with your spellcasting.

Do you need this?

If you are feeling very balanced physically and energetically, you might skip this step. Also take into account what kind of magic you’re performing. If you’re working a spell that involves air elements, astral traveling, psychic work, or spirits, you may not want to ground yourself until after you’re finished. Another reason not to ground is if you plan on using the strong emotions you have to power your spell. Grounding may mute those emotions more than you’d like,

Use your best judgment here. You can always vary the amount of “groundedness” you’d like through a creative visualization.

For example:

When you’re working with spirits or air energy, visualize yourself as a balloon floating into the air. See a string tied to one or both of your feet attached to the earth. This grounding meditation will allow you to still dwell in the spirit world without you having to worry about “floating away”.

If you’re working with strong emotions, you can visualize yourself on a rollercoaster. Visualize your emotions as a color and make the rollercoaster track that same color. See yourself getting into the rollercoaster car and pulling down the safety bar. Take a moment to feel grounded and stable within that rollercoaster car. You are strapped in, and you are safe. Then allow your emotions to send you whirling around on a thrilling, wild ride during your spell. When the spell is complete, see yourself lifting the safety bar and getting out of the car. If you feel the need to perform a more traditional grounding method afterwards to get rid of excess energy, do that after your spell.