Grounding Through Physical Sensations

Connect to your physical body. Eat a meal and notice all the smells, tastes, and textures you experience. Notice how it feels to swallow and to feel satisfied. See if you can sense the movement of your food through your body. Our body pulls out all the energy and nutrients from the food that we need to maintain our health. Then our body sends the excess energy downward out of our bodies. This is such a natural process that our bodies do it automatically.

Grounding is the energetic version of this. Visualize all the energy we take in throughout the day—through conversations, sights, and sounds, energy from the places we’ve gone, and the experiences we’ve had that day. You absorb all of this, whether or not we realize it. When you ground, think of the energy moving down your body. As it does this, visualize certain parts of your energy moving into different parts of your body such as your arms, your chest, your throat, your hips. Just like how your physical body processes food, your energetic body will also know what energy to keep for a healthy spiritual practice and what energy to send back to the earth.  

Grounding Breathing Meditation

Perform a breathing meditation where you lengthen your exhales and shorten your inhales. Place one hand on your low belly and one hand on your chest to reflect on the way your body stays stationary as the air moves in and out of you. Connect with the idea that even when there is energy moving in and out of you, you can still be in a place of peaceful stillness.

Tree In The Wind Grounding Visualization

Many witches will visualize roots growing out of their feet and into the ground until they connect with the center of the earth. They’ll see the roots as a certain color in their mind’s eye. Red is a popular color to use with this meditation.

I invite you to take this powerful visualization a step further. Try standing with both feet flat on the ground. If you can do this in bare feet, even better.

Notice where your weight is on your feet. Is it on your heels? On the balls of your feet? On the outer edges of your feet? Notice what places in your feet you connect with the earth. This is your natural stance—your own unique way of connecting to the earth.

Now shift your weight forward and backward. Let your upper body sway as you shift your weight. Then play with leaning side to side. Make tiny circles with your upper body and notice how your connection to the earth changes as you do this. Keep visualizing deep roots keeping your feet stable despite your shifting movements. Close your eyes and see yourself as a big, sturdy tree. The wind can sway your branches, but your roots remain deep in the earth.

Bring your weight back to your natural, most grounded stance. Visualize the wind dying down. Allow all the excess energy shifting in your body to float down into the earth.  Remember, you don’t have to release all of it, just what you don’t need. You can always get that energy back later on. There is an abundance of energy in the universe.

Hug A Tree

When you are in contact with objects or other living things that are stable, you will also become more grounded. You can go for a walk in nature and find a tree that you feel some kind of connection to. Stand right next to the tree and wrap your arms around it. (Make sure you check for ants, poison ivy, or anything else that might disturb your meditation.) Stand there, hugging the tree, and visualize your energy moving into the ground while you absorb the stable energy of the tree itself.

Hug A Friend

Just like the tree, if you have a friend who is grounded that day, ask him or her to give you a hug. Sometimes you don’t even have to touch this person. Just being near that person can be enough to ground you depending on how strong their energy is.

Grounding Body Scan

Another way to ground yourself is to sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Bring your awareness to your feet. Notice any excess energy in and around your feet. Send the excess energy into the ground. Then move up your body, noticing where you’re holding excess energy. If you do this often, you’ll see where you hold too much energy. It often gathers in certain places in the body. Get in the habit of sensing that energy, and either using it with intention or releasing it. A grounding body scan should take anywhere from sixty seconds to ten minutes depending on how much excess energy you need to release.

Other Grounding Methods:

  • Lay on the ground and focus on how the earth supports you. Have an orgasm (with or without a partner). This provides a big release that can be grounding.

  • Get a massage. A massage therapist will loosen muscles which will allow any unwanted energy to flow out.

  • Eat root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, or beets.

  • Garden.

  • Hold grounding crystals such as obsidian, hematite, or smoky quartz. You can also lay on the ground and place the crystal on the area of your body that feels most ungrounded.

  • Take a nap. This may or may not work for you. Note how a midday nap affects your energy level.

  • Exercise can get rid of excess energy while keeping your vibration high. Just make sure you have time before your spell for a cool down and a big glass of water.

  • Dress in black or earth tones to stay aligned with the stable vibration of the earth.