Casting a circle is a way of creating a space where you plan to perform your magic. This both protects your work and contains and magnifies the energy you’re working with. It can also serve to hold a space between our mundane world and the world of energy and spirits that we work with in our magic, this can make it easier to access spirits, psychic information, and the astral plane.

Why you need this:

The circle that you cast creates a portal of sorts that connects the physical world to the spirit world. When you are in your circle, you are in between two worlds. It’s kind of like Niagara Falls—half of it is in Canada, the other half is in the US. When you are inside your circle, you are in both worlds.

Your circle also provides you with a layer of protection while you perform your spell. If you are working with other spirits, performing hexes, or doing any kind of complex magic, I recommend you cast a circle.

What’s The Difference Between A Sacred Space & A Circle?

This can be confusing because a circle is always a sacred space, but a sacred space does not always involve a circle.

A sacred space is any space that you’ve prepared for any kind of meditation, journaling, basic spellcasting, or divination. It’s a high-vibrational space where you feel calm and centered while also getting you in the mindset for spiritual work.

Casting a circle is a specific method for keeping yourself safe while working magic in the space between the physical world and the spiritual world. It’s more formal, and there are specific techniques for doing this.

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