After you’ve cleansed your space and cast a circle, you can focus on charging your space with an intention.

There are instances when you wouldn’t need to charge your space with an intention—it’s already there. You’ll still want to cleanse to clear out unwanted energy while still preserving the inherent energy of a place.

Here are a few places that have power already and what energy they hold:


The place where two roads meet or diverge making a fork in the road is a place of power. Crossroads hold the energy of transformation, forward motion, or stepping into your destiny. They can also be places to call upon certain spirits. Historically, crossroads were places where people would meet up and enjoy each other’s company. For that reason, relationship spells work well at crossroads. There’s also strong symbolism in two roads converging, which can help power a love spell where your intention is to cross paths with the love of your life. The energy will also strengthen manifesting spells regarding new jobs, money, or increased psychic abilities and divination found at crossroads.

Thresholds: Places Where Energies Meet

Places where two or more elements “bump up” against each other are charged with powerful magic. That’s because that specific place had the power both energies combined. They can merge to power your spell. These places are called thresholds.

Power Thresholds and What Energy They Hold:

Beaches are places where earth meets water. Often used for abundance and creation spells

Mountains are places where earth rises to meet air. Often used for manifesting thoughts into reality or connecting with the spirit realm.

Anywhere during a thunderstorm is where all four elements combine. Clouds represent air. Lightning represents fire. Rain is water. Earth is the dirt that receives the water. It’s not safe to be outside during a thunderstorm, but you can create an altar in your home and call on each element to be a part of your spell during the storm. Often used for banishing spells, hexes, or fast acting spells


These are also thresholds of sorts between the living and the dead. If you are planning on performing a spell here, take a walk around the cemetery and pay close attention to any thoughts, feelings, or sensations that arise within you. That is how you’ll be able to sense the different energies and pick a spot in that graveyard that suits you. Certain graves will carry different energy. Be mindful about where you pick.

You may also want to consider leaving a gift as a thank you to the spirits for allowing you to work with the energy lingering among the graves. This can be alcohol, a coin, a note, or something else you think would be a nice thank you. Some witches recommend stopping at three different places on your way back home (like a gas station, a grocery store, etc.) to keep any spirits from following you home. You can also bring a talisman to protect you from unwanted spirits.

Best for calling on spirits, receiving messages through divination, collecting dirt to use in spellwork, any kind of transformative spell, or any spells relating to endings or rebirth.

Your Home & Places Of Other Significance

Doorways, windows, or places where your gather with your roommates or family members are all examples of thresholds within you home.

  • Kitchens are good for manifesting, creating, health, and abundance magic.

  • Bedrooms are ideal for love, sensuality, and fertility spells and restfulness spells and dream spells, and moon magic.

  • Bathrooms can be used for self-love magic and spiritual, physical, or emotional cleansing or purification rituals.

Beyond that, if there are places in your home that you associate with different parts of your life, use the energy in those places to power your spells. If there are places in your town where you have fond memories of or strong associations like the place you had your first kiss, your family’s favorite restaurant, or your favorite running trail, the personal energy that you have created by having experiences those places can charge them with a unique energy that only you can channel.