Positive Words & Words Of Affirmation

Words can charge a space because whenever you say a word, you project out a certain energy. You know what the word means and therefore saying the word will bathe your space with all the energy you associate with that word. To decide what words to use you can brainstorm a list of words or phrases that put you in a better mood. Even saying a favorite line from a movie can charge a space with your intention.

Affirmations are positive phrases that start with “I”. The most powerful affirmations are spoken or written in the first person and in the present tense. Emotional or sensory words will also carry more power. We’ll get much deeper into this in the spell writing course, but here’s a list of affirmations you can use to charge your space. Use these exact ones, or change them to fit your speaking style. Rather than using the word “I”, you can shift the focus to your space or the atmosphere of the space.

For Love and Relationship Spells

“The air in this room is electrified with passion.”

“This space welcomes a new love into my life.”

For Money spells

“This space provides me with an abundance of comfort and joy, and that is the vibration of wealth.

For Protection Spells:

“This room is safe and that vibration of safety stays with me as I move around this world.”

“Protective energy lies in these walls, and I call that energy towards me.”


These are phrases or short poems that communicate your intention. Often incantations rhyme, which gives the words a rhythm. The different rhythms can mimic familiar natural rhythms. For example, the iambic pentameter found in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets mimics a heartbeat. To use incantations to charge your space, think about the quality of that space that you’d like to highlight. Whatever is special about that room, write about that energy in your incantation to increase that energy even more.

Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics are almost like ready-made incantations. If you find a song with lyrics that “set the mood” of a space, play that song before or during your spell work.

Conversations With People

Any conversations you have in the space where you’re performing your magic will leave an energetic imprint on that space. Cleansing will rid the space of the unwanted energy, but you can also imprint positive energy in a space with a specific intention in mind. If you are performing a money spell, you can have an uplifting conversation with a friend about finances in your sacred space.

Other methods for charging a space:

  • Watch a movie or read a book that supports your intention in the space you plan on performing your spell. For example, watch your favorite romantic comedy for a love spell.

  • Think about what elements will best support your intention and use magical tools that involve those elements. If you’re doing a mental clarity spell, air is the ideal energy for that intention. Use magical tools associated with air to charge your space such as incense, steam from a cauldron or essential oil diffuser, or open the window to let in the outside breeze.

  • You can walk around your space and run your hands along the walls and floors to charge the space with your own energy. Visualize energy in the form of white light or colored smoke moving from your hands and seeping in to the space. You can think of the energy from your hands “coating” the surface like paint.

Do you need to charge your space?

If you have the time and energy to charge your space, do it. It will add power to your spell.

If you are strapped for time, you can find a place that already feels charged with the energy you need. Another option is to make sure the space you use is cleansed and then send out strong energy regarding your intention as you’re casting your spell. This is similar to when your phone is on low battery, but you need to call someone. You can plug your phone in and charge it while talking on the phone at the same time. It’s not ideal, but it can work in a pinch.