We’ll get into what words to use to communicate your intentions in the Spell Writing course, but for now, we’ll focus on the energetic aspects of communicating your intention.

Why it’s important:

This it one part of spell structure you don’t want to skip. You need to have an idea what you want to accomplish when you approach a spell.

You don’t have to know every single detail about what you want to manifest, but set some kind of intention. This shouldn’t feel stifling. No matter what intention you set, you’ll still have a lot of freedom to be creative and spontaneous in your witchcraft.

Think of an artist sitting down in front of a blank canvas. The artist doesn’t have to know what he or she will create on the canvas. The artist might not even know if he or she will use oil paints, watercolors, or create some kind of mixed media collage.

This artist is still setting an intention by sitting down in front of the canvas. The intention is to create art—in whatever form he or she feels inspired to create once the project begins.

In contrast, the artist can also set a more specific intention than “to create art”. Another intention could be, “to paint the San Francisco skyline at sunset.” or “to convey a sense of mystery through painted imagery”. Both intentions hint at the artist’s desired result without putting limits on the artist’s creative process.

It’s the same with setting intentions for your spell. It doesn’t matter what your intention is. It could be something more open-ended like, “I attract an abundance of money,” or something more specific like, “I love my job at a high profile tech company and I enjoy the abundance that flows towards me.” Both intentions are effective for improving a financial abundance spell, but both are different.

The other part of intention-setting is communicating that intention. There are many ways to do this. The artist communicates his or her intention by setting up a canvas and art supplies and then sitting in front of that canvas. There are no words necessary in this case. “Setting the scene” and being present is all the artist needs to do before diving into that project.

It’s the same with spell work. You need to communicate your intention to the universe. You don’t have to say it aloud. You can communicate that intention by writing it, thinking it, or setting up your altar with that intention in mind.

This subject has been covered in depth in Meditation For Witchcraft, if you haven’t taken that course or would like a refresher on setting strong intentions, you can find those lessons here >>