Through Mindset:

To communicate an intention with confidence, you need to be in the right mindset. Notice that I didn’t say mood. You can be in any kind of mood you want when you perform a spell, but you must be intentional about what mindset you’re bringing to your spellwork. If your mindset is strong enough, you can communicate your intention using only your mind.

Powerful Mindsets for Magic:

“I can have anything I want.”

“There is more than enough.”

“My desire can and will arrive at any moment.”

“If I can imagine it, I can have it.”

“Everything happens for a reason.”

None of those statements have anything to do with mood. They are beliefs that will support any intention regardless of your mood.

If you are feeling heartbroken about your recent breakup, you can still perform a powerful love spell from that emotional state as long as you have a powerful mindset for magic. You can think something like, “Even though I’m feeling sad, I trust that this painful experience will lead me to my ideal relationship.”

That mindset is taking your sad emotions and directing them to a positive, high-vibrational thought that will attract your desire.

Through Speaking

You can use words to set your intention the same way you can use them to charge a room with a specific intention. Affirmations, incantations, and song lyrics are all ways to communicate an intention.

Through Magical Tools

Magical tools are an excellent way to communicate your intention to the universe (and whatever spirits you’re working with). Setting up your magical tools is like the artist setting up an easel.

Here are a few magical tool suggestions:

Cauldron: Fill your cauldron with water and write a word or phase that represents your intention in the water with your finger, athame, or wand. You can also draw a picture or sigil in the water. Place a tea light or other heat source under the cauldron to send the intention-charged water up into the universe as it evaporates.

Smoke: Light incense and allow the smoke to float around you. Visualize your intention—a scene from your life after your intention has manifested. Allow the smoke hanging in the surrounding air to absorb the energy you’re sending out through your visualization. The smoke will carry that intention up into the universe.

Candles: Carve a sigil or a word that represents your intention into the side of a candle. Light the candle and let it burn all the way down. Your intention will disappear up into the universe as the wax melts down.

Altar: Set out crystals, plants, candles or personal objects that remind you of your intention. Sit in front of your altar and visualize the energy of your intention rising up from your altar into the air.