This is the final step in spell structure. It’s important to not only end the spell at the appropriate time, but to do so properly.

Why this is important:

  • Ending your spell will help you be efficient with your energy. If you don’t intentionally end a spell, it can continue drawing energy from you long after you’ve cast the spell. You might feel drained, ill, or irritable if you forget to end your spell.

  • It’s recommended to thank the spirits you work with (or whatever energy you were working with) and offer some kind of gift—and this is typically done at the end of your spell. You can convey your “thank you” in the same way you communicate your intention—with words, thoughts, or magical tools. Your gift can be an offering of food, a chalice of wine, a smoking herb bundle, or leaving a personal object on your altar as an offering. Your “thank you” can also serve as an offering. (If you work with fairies, do not give them gifts as a thank you!)

  • If you don’t end your spell, you risk someone else coming into your space and messing with the energy that you’ve used to cast your spell. Without a proper ending, your spell is just hanging there. If you’ve performed a financial abundance spell, and your roommate goes into that room, complaining about money, that can affect your spell. Also, if you were performing some kind of hex or working with potentially harmful energies, you don’t want someone to walk into that room and become the new target of your hex. Intentionally ending the spell will keep this from happening.

How To End A Spell

Send your energy in the direction it needs to go. Many times this is directly up. Next, thank and send away all the energies and spirits you were working with. This will release your spell up into the universe.

If you were working a banishing spell or a hex and you want to make sure there is no lingering energy around, you can cleanse your space after your spell.

Finally, physically clean and put away your magical tools. If you’d like to cleanse your tools, place them outside on the night of the next new moon or full moon. You can also cleanse them with incense or a white light meditation.

If you have any magical materials that you need to discard, use your best judgment. If it’s something that has absorbed unwanted energy, throw it out. If it’s biodegradable, you can bury it outside or at a crossroads. This will get the energy away from you and your space. There’s no one right way to discard your used magical tools. As long as you do so safely, legally, and being mindful of the environment, you’ll be good.

Note: If there is any possibility that you think you’d need to reverse or change your spell, do not discard your magical ingredients. If you do, you must go through a more complicated method for reversing your spell. You’ll want to save your magical ingredients for at least one moon cycle. You can keep your ingredients in a box or a jar, and label them by what they were used for, what day, what time, and any other details you might need to know. The more thorough your notes, the easier it will be to reverse or change a spell gone wrong.

When To End Your Spell

Knowing when to end a spell is like knowing when to leave a party. There are a lot of factors that go into it such as you’re feeling tired, you’re catching a ride with your friend, or you sense the party is ending and you don’t want to overstay your welcome. Sometimes it’s an intuitive decision.

Spells are the same way, You don’t want to overstay your welcome or wear yourself out. End the spell when you sense you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do, BUT before you’ve used up every last bit of energy.