If you’re performing a multi-day spell, you’ll want to take extra measures to take care of yourself and protect the space where the spell is being cast over several days. This could mean cleansing the space each day until you end the spell, or performing the spell outside where it can draw upon the energy of nature.

Think back to the marathon runner. You wouldn’t just show up on race day without the proper clothes, proper training, and not having eaten the proper foods to fuel you for the whole race.

This is similar to how you’ll prep for a multi-day spell. You’ll want to make sure you’re feeling well enough to do this spell. Make sure your body feels good enough. Eat enough food and drink enough water. Make sure you’ve performed other smaller spells before you jump into a multi-day spell.

When you begin your spell, do not throw every ounce of energy into this spell right off the bat. You’ll want to ease into it. Only put a bit of energy towards it on the first day. Then add more the next day, etc. If you spent the first five miles of a race sprinting like your life depended on it, you will not last the entire race. It’s better to start out slow, and then gradually add speed.

During your multi-day spell, you’ll want to check in with yourself each day. Journal about how you feel and make sure you’re taking lots of time for resting and self-care.

Long-distance runners push themselves, but they also know when they need to stop the race early. If they get injured during a race and don’t stop to take care of themselves, they can cause lasting damage on their bodies.

This is the same with witches. Don’t keep pushing through if you feel depleted. Know your limits and know that you can always try a spell again. This isn’t your one shot to do this. Honor yourself and your energy fluctuations.

Sometimes you’ll have to end a spell because something emotionally draining will happen in your life like getting a tooth ache, or receiving bad news about a family member. These are unforeseen external factors that can affect your energy. If that happens, and you need to end your spell early, just do it.

It’s better to end your spell properly (following the guidelines mentioned above) than to push through only to have your energy peter out.

Recommended Multi-Day Spells For New Witches

7-Knob Candles:

These are candles shaped like seven balls stacked on top of each other. You burn down one “knob” a day until your spell is complete. You can also make seven notches in a candle with your athame and burn the sections one day at a time.

These are objects that you charge with energy for a specific intention. You can also fill a small drawstring bag with an assortment of herbs and trinkets that support your intention. The magic of your charm will last as long as you want it to. You can recharge it at any point with your own energy or the energy of an element, spirit or magical tool.

Knot Magic:

Knot spells will last as long as the knot is in place. You pour your energy and intention into the knot (or knots) as you tie them, casting your spell. If your knot gets untied, just perform the spell again by re-tying it. When you’re done with your knot spell, untie the knot.

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