This is the third course in the Spell Primer series. It’s an advanced course that builds on the skills and knowledge learned in the previous two courses so I highly recommend starting with those! We will progress into creating full spells from scratch in this course and the knowledge base built in these first two courses is absolutely necessary for a full understanding of this process.

A Primer In Spell Casting >>

A Primer In Spell Structure >>

Most witches begin their practice by performing spells created by other witches. This is a great way to learn about magic, getting comfortable with tried-and-true spells helps build your knowledge and experience. Once you see results from those spells, your confidence will grow, and you’ll want to see what else you can do with your newfound power.

From there, you may want to start tweaking spells created by other witches. One reason you’d want to change a spell is to get results that are more relevant to your particular situation.

You might even find that adding your personal touches to spells gives you even better results. This is because magic is more powerful when it feels like it’s YOURS. You might substitute a magical tool, change the measurements of an ingredient, or revise the wording on an incantation for no other reason than you just felt called to do it.

Those intuitive nudges are important to follow even if you don’t fully understand why you’re drawn to certain words or phases in your spell writing.

I recommend following that internal guidance system regardless of your level of magical experience.

Other witches jump right into writing their own spells. They’ll decide what they want to accomplish with their witchcraft and they’ll experiment with creating different incantations and affirmations.

The previous two courses in this series, A Primer In Spell Casting and A Primer In Spell Structure, lay the foundation for creating your own spells. In this course we will deal specifically with what words to use, how to craft an effective intention, and how to bring all of these pieces together to create your own spells from scratch.

Benefits Of Writing Your Own Spells

It does feel a bit like a rite of passage when you pen your first incantation. Writing or speaking words that came from your heart, mind, and soul will supercharge those words.

Just like when you consecrate a magical tool and invite it to serve you and only you, the words you write will also have a special connection to you. You are their creator. Anything you create holds a special connection to you.