The witches who came before us created their own spells and taught them to other witches. These spells were often spoken in rhymes and alliteration. The theory behind this that in those days, being a witch was a dangerous label to have. It was illegal and was enforced to the point where witches stopped writing down their spells and committed them to memory. That way they would avoid being caught with any incriminating evidence like a grimoire.

Phrases that rhymed or had alliteration were easier to remember and to teach to others. It’s the same concept behind teaching kids nursery rhymes or songs to learn the alphabet.

The tradition of spells with rhymes and alliteration is still alive and well today among modern witches. You’ve probably seen spells in grimoires and on The Traveling Witch blog that have these language techniques written into them, but you can also write spells that sound closer to your normal speech.

Words, Sound, & Vibrations

You don’t need to speak your intention aloud. Many powerful spells are done just by thinking your intention. However, there are some benefits to voicing your spell.

When you speak aloud, you are creating a vibration. Sound is energy. It’s just another source of energy to pour into your spell. Often, sound is used to set things into motion like at the start of a race or a school bell sending students to their next class. In the same way, the spoken words in your spell can set your spell in motion.

When you speak words, it’s a form of manifestation. You are taking an idea from your mind and turning it into sound. Form there, your intention can move into taking a physical form. Basically, you’re speaking your intention into existence and taking it one step closer to the physical manifestation you’re hoping for.

The Importance Of Speaking Confidently

Different sounds carry different vibrations. The tone in which you speak your spell matters. Think about how you sound when you’re confident, energized, or happy. The way you speak differs from if you’re tired, sad, or unsure.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use the vibration of your voice to power your spell when you’re tired or sad. It’s an easy fix. Sounding energized and confident isn’t about mood. You can have an awful day, but still give a top-notch speech or presentation.

That’s because speaking confidently can be taught. It’s a skill, a certain way of using your voice that communicates that you are a person to be reckoned with.

Here are a few tips for speaking confidently that can improve your witchcraft:

1. Pace your words

Speaking slowly can convey a sense of importance and intention. It can heighten the energy of a space. At the same time, if you feel called to speak quickly for the sake of rhythm or momentum, go ahead and speed up your words. Sometimes that’s what a spell calls for.

2. Vary your tone as you speak.

You don’t have to speak in a sing-song way but adding some variation in your voice can create a sense of confidence. Think about how you sound when you’re talking to your friends about something you know a lot about. That’s how you sound when you’re relaxed and confident. You can mimic your natural tones when speaking during a spell.

3. Check your posture

When you sit (or stand) up straight and roll your shoulders back, you’ll have more room in your chest to breathe and project your voice.

4. Speak like you mean it

If you have a dog, you’ve probably experienced this. Sometimes when I call my dog to come, he’ll totally ignore me. It’s annoying. But I’ve learned over time that if I use a certain “commanding” tone in my voice when calling my dog, he’ll drop what he’s doing and bound right over. This has nothing to do with mood. I can pull out my “commanding” tone whenever I need it, regardless of how I feel.

Your commanding tone might not sound like mine, but you can probably sense what you sound like when you’re speaking with authority.

5. Emotionally charged speaking

Have you ever watched a talented speaker give a presentation and get a little emotional in the process? Maybe you hear a tremor in her voice that tells you she’s on the verge of tears. That doesn’t show weakness, it shows passion. Many times, it takes a very confident speaker to allow emotions to come out in, and those end up being very moving speeches.

This is because words spoken with emotion carry strong energy. Remember, you can speak confidently and be emotional at the same time. It’s not necessarily one or the other.