An intention is a statement that communicates what you want from your magic—your desired outcome. The most effective intentions are communicated clearly and specifically and are linked with strong emotions.

Above all, you want your intention to be clear. It doesn’t have to be detailed if you don’t want it to be. You don’t have to include how you want your intention to manifest—many times you don’t know! But clarity is key.

Parts Of An Intention

To make sure your intention is clear, there are a few elements you’ll want to include. These are elements to include regardless of how you format your spell.

  • Who the spell is about

  • What you want

  • When you want it (optional)

  • A phrase to activate your spell (optional)

What Makes A Powerful Intention?

You have quite a bit of freedom in the way you write your spell, but the most powerful intentions tend to follow four basic guidelines:

  • It’s written in first person.

  • It’s written in present tense.

  • It’s focused on what you want to call in (not what you don’t want).

  • It includes something that emotionally resonates with you.

In some cases, intentions are written in past tense as if the desire has already manifested. These can be effective as well and we’ll discuss that in the next section.