Because witchcraft is practiced by a wide variety of people with different beliefs, there are certainly more than one way to write a spell. The ones here are the most common ways. Feel free to take any of these methods and make them your own. In fact, the reason we have so many ways right now is because witches have created their own styles and ways of communicating their intentions.


Affirmations are pretty mainstream at this point. You see them on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and billboards. Just because they’re popular though, doesn’t mean they’re not powerful.

These statements are direct, clear, and uplifting. The best affirmations will include words that excite you and create an instant visual in your mind. You can search for affirmations online or in a published grimoire. They’re all over the place, and if you find one you connect with, use it!

I also think it’s valuable to explore writing your own affirmations. Your goals are probably different from mine. You have different life experiences that will cause you to react emotionally to certain words that others might not assign personal meaning to.

Using someone else’s affirmation for a spell is kind of like reading someone’s diary. Sometimes, you’re emotionally invested in someone else’s inner thoughts and personal story, but no one is more invested in those diary pages than the person who wrote them. That’s their heart and soul written on the page.

The affirmations you write for yourself might also be as special to you as the pages of your own diary.

If you’re new to writing spells, affirmations are a great place to start. You don’t have to worry about making it rhyme or sound pretty. All you have to do is make it clear and meaningful to you.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of a well-written affirmation. If you create a statement that resonates with you, speaking that one-sentence affirmation aloud can serve as your entire spell.

Example Affirmations:

“I am married to the love of my life and he/she tells me how much he/she enjoys waking up next to me every morning.”

“I love my position as CEO of a company because I’m good at it, it challenges me, and it provides wealth and abundance to my family.”

“I sell my original screenplay for $100,000 and I work regularly as a script writer.”

Some witches find it inspiring to add some kind of time frame to their affirmation. You can do this by adding your age somewhere, the year, or some other time-related detail.

Looking at the first affirmation, I can revise it by saying, “I am 33 years old and I am married to the love of my life…”

You might notice that although these statements are only a sentence long, they have all the necessary parts of a powerful intention. You know who the spell is about (yourself) and what the desired result of the spell is (a marriage, CEO job, or a screenplay purchase).

Gratitude Affirmations

This is basically the same thing as an affirmation spell but with one key difference. The statement is written in the past tense and it’s worded as a “thank you”. This is a less common method but it can be incredibly powerful, particularly if you struggle with having a sense of gratitude in your current situation.

For example, if I’ve just gone through a breakup, I might find it difficult to align my energy to the intention of being married to the love of my life. In many (but not all) spells, gratitude is a shortcut to aligning your energy. The great thing about this method is that even if you don’t feel like you can muster a single drop of gratitude for where you’re at, you always have a future to look forward to.

Here are examples of a gratitude affirmation:

“Thank you, Universe (or what ever energy/being you work with) for my marriage to the love of my life. I’m so grateful for the way he/she tells me how much he/she loves waking up beside me every morning.”

“Thank you, Universe, for my CEO position at a cutting-edge company. Thank you for the challenges that keep me growing, and that you for the abundance that keeps my family happy and secure.”

“Thank you, Universe, for the sale of my screenplay for $100,000 and for the awesome script writing job that came from that opportunity.”

If you’ve never written a spell like this, try it and see what feelings or energies you experience as you say your gratitude affirmation.


These are more traditional. Just like affirmations, you can find some beautifully written incantations online or in published books on witchcraft. These will also include the necessary parts of an intention— who the spell is for and what the goal of the spell is.

Incantations are short poems that communicate the intention of a spell. Incantations are typically designed to be rhythmic, easy-to-remember, and spoken aloud. Like affirmations, they can be a spell in themselves, or they can be paired with additional magical tools and energies.

Here are three examples of rhyming incantations:

This incantation is used in a Three of Cups tarot spell where three friends set intentions together and cast their spell by toasting their glasses.

“The three of us gather

with a hope and a dream.

Our intentions are different,

But tonight we’re a team.

We raise up our glasses,

Together we cast

A spell with three cups,

So three dreams come to pass.”

The incantation includes who the spell is about “The three of us”. It also includes what the goal of the spell is in the phrase, “three dreams come to pass”.

Here’s a rhyming incantation for a simple candle spell. The spell calls for the witch to write a yearly intention on a strip of paper and burn it in the flame to begin the manifesting process.

“My wish tonight,

Burns in the flame.

Twelve moons from now,

That wish I’ve claimed”

You can tell from reading it that the spell is for the witch who is casting it and the goal is for the witch to manifest the intention in one year (twelve moons).

The following incantation is cast by running an egg all over your body to absorb any unwanted feelings that linger after a failure of some kind.

“For failures big, and failures small,

This egg absorbs and traps them all.”

This one is a bit different because the goal of this incantation is to enchant the egg so that it absorbs and traps unwanted feelings of failure. Yes, the person who will benefit from this spell is the witch who uses the egg, but the incantation only needs to focus on the person—or in this case—object that the incantation will directly affect.

You might also notice that these incantations are all different lengths. There are absolutely no restrictions on the length of an incantation. You can play around with any poetic meter or rhyme structure that interests you or write off the cuff and just do what sounds good to your ear.

Alliteration Incantation

Here’s your chance to take that fun literary device you learned in school and use it for your witchcraft—alliteration!

This is an incantation or affirmation where all the words start with the same letter. Personally, I find these difficult to write, but some witches can make these sound really beautiful.

Here’s one I wrote for a spell to renew passion with my current partner.

“A long, lustful kiss from my lover lingers on my lips.”

Not all the words start with “L”, but enough of them do that this statement felt a bit more magical than language I’d use in my everyday life.

If you have the desire, try your hand at writing an incantation. It’s a skill like anything else. The more you practice, the better you get. Plus, your incantations don’t have to be on par with Shakespeare’s sonnets. Don’t get hung up on your writing skills. As long as the words feel magical to you then they will work.

Visualization Or Storytelling Inspired Spells

You’ve probably come across spells that direct you to visualize a scene from your life after your desire has manifested. If you get distracted a lot, this form of spell writing might appeal to you.

I hadn’t given much thought to this kind of magic until I met two different fiction writers who told me they ended up playing out specific scenes of their stories down to the detail a year or two after they wrote their novels.

Since bringing this form of spell writing into my witchcraft, I’ve seen some exciting things unfold. All you do is write a story about your life as if you’re a fictional character. These “mini manifesting stories” usually end being about 500-2000 words. I recommend stopping whenever you feel complete. You don’t want this to feel like work.

I save the pages in a journal and read through them now and then. Every time, I’m shocked by the things that seem to have effortlessly unfolded.

If fiction writing isn’t your cup of tea, craft an email to a friend (or your future self) detailing a scene from your life as if you’re recounting a cherished memory. Send the email to yourself or save it in a folder on your computer to look over later.