While you’re writing your spell, you’ll want to be strategic about the words you pick because the right words can inspire strong reactions in you that are useful for spellwork.

The three guidelines for choosing the right words are:

1. Pick words and phrases that resonate with you on an emotional level (happiness, excitement, humor).

2. Use language that brings an image to your mind.

3. Add or take out words to make sure your language reflects every part of your desire. Think about anything that could go wrong or could mean something different than you intend.

Let’s look at an affirmation from earlier in the course.

“I am married to the love of my life and he/she tells me how much he/she enjoys waking up next to me every morning.”

1. I chose the phrase “love of my life” because it resonates with me. It’s something I believe in. Another witch might think that phrase is cheesy. In that case, I’d recommend that witch choose a different phrase when talking about an ideal romantic partner.

2. The phase “waking up next to me” gives me an immediate image of seeing the person I love sleeping in my bed. For me personally, I see the bed that my ideal partner and I will share. The words bring up details like white sheets and the morning sunlight streaming through the windows. That phrase might not give you the same visual as it does me. Try out different details or phases to see which ones you connect with.

3. I added a couple extra details in here to further clarify my intention. I mention being married in my intention. That’s not a requirement of a love spell. That’s just something I’d like for myself. I don’t just want a casual relationship, or a passionate fling this time. I want to call in love with the end goal of marriage.

Another detail is that my partner tells me how much he enjoys walking up next to me. I added that because I want this love spell to bring me a happy marriage. I want my partner to be excited about being married to me. I don’t want him to be regretting his decision. Also I specify that I’d like my partner to voice his love for me by saying nice things.