Writing your own spells is a great way to discover any lingering blocks that might create some resistance when you’re trying to manifest your goal.

Five Ways to Test Your Intention

1. Notice your thoughts and feelings as you’re writing your intention.

What’s the energy behind your thoughts? Are you excited about manifesting this desire? Does it seem too big? Are you worried about any judgements from others if you achieve your goal? There are all kinds of thoughts that can float through your mind when you’re first crafting your intention. Try to jot down the strongest ones both positive or negative.

If the positive ones are in alignment with what your goal is, you’re on the right track. If you uncover some strong negative reactions, take some time to investigate those. Are the reactions coming up because you don’t actually want what the spell is asking for, or is it because you have doubts about your ability or worthiness to manifest your spell? If it’s the former, change your spell to something you do want. If it’s the latter, check out the suggestions in the next section on releasing blocks.

2. Read your intention aloud and see if any red flags come up.

Give your spell a “test drive” of sorts before you do the actual spell. Say it out loud and notice if any positive or negative thoughts come up. It’s the same concept as #1 except hearing something out loud can get a stronger reaction in some people that just reading a statement in your head.

3. Visualize your intention.

Again, perform this as a test to see if you still want the thing you’re working to manifest. Seeing yourself “living” your dream in your mind’s eye can help you get clear on what you want, and what your blocks or limiting beliefs are.

4. Use a pendulum or divination tools to get more insight.

Tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, throwing bones, pendulums, and scrying are all methods for getting guidance on an issue energetically. This feedback could come from your intuition or from other spirits and it can help you look at your spell a new way or discover any blocks.

You can ask questions like, “What can I expect to experience as a result of this spell?” or “What blocks might I need to address before performing this spell?”

5. Think about times in your life when you had or experienced something similar to what you’re asking for.

Ask yourself if you’ve ever performed a spell like this before and what the results were. Were you pleased with the outcome, or did it leave you feeling empty? Has anyone close to you achieved something like what you’re asking for? How did it make that person feel? What subconscious conclusions might you have drawn from seeing others have those experiences.

Also ask yourself, “what memories and life experiences might affect the results?”.

You don’t have to completely erase any resistance to your desire. That’s one benefit of your witchcraft. It can give you a boost of power to help you move past lingering doubts and fears so you can get what you want.

Going back to my love spell affirmation, I can already spot some potential limiting beliefs or blocks that might come up around a love intention

  • My parents got divorced, so I’ve always been extremely cautious of relationship commitments.

  • Do I believe I’m worthy or capable of receiving that kind of love from a partner?

  • My last few relationships caused a lot of sadness when they ended. Am I willing to go through that again?

If you find any conflicting beliefs after examining your intention, you can either move forward with the spell anyway, or you can try to release those potential blocks.

Either option is fine, and you can move forward with any spell regardless of underlying blocks. I’ve also had experiences where I was able to let go of some fears and blocks as I was at my altar performing a spell.

Releasing Blocks

There are many ways to do this, and frankly, some blocks are so difficult that it’s best to talk through any emotional wounds with a trusted friend, family member, or mental health professional. Do what’s best for you.

Here are my suggestions for releasing blocks:

1. Write out all your potential blocks, and underneath each one, list reasons why this block doesn’t relate to your situation or how it’s not going to hinder your manifesting.

For example: My parent’s relationship has nothing to do with my romantic relationship. A relationship is completely unique to the people in that relationship. It can’t be compared to others.

2. Write each limiting belief as a statement and then write the opposite of that statement.  

For example: “I am not worthy or capable of receiving love.” vs. “I am worthy and capable of receiving love.”

Writing the opposite can help you realize that the opposite is actually the true statement.

3. Look for contrary evidence in your life that proves your limiting belief is false.

For example: My last relationship caused sadness, but I learned a lot. Each relationship I have, I get a little closer to finding my perfect match. I’ve gotten better at knowing what I want and how to lovingly communicate in a relationship. Because of this, my next relationship will probably be better than my last, and could very well be the one I’m looking for.