You can’t always evaluate your spells based solely on the outcome you experience. There are many factors at play that can affect your results. Your magical results will always be different no matter how focused and aligned your spell was. Typically, you’ll see one of four different outcomes from your spells.

1. Your spell has manifested incorrectly or only halfway.

2. Your spell is taking a long time to manifest.

For these first two outcomes, I’d recommend waiting a little longer to see if your spell is going to manifest all the way, or manifest correctly in the near future.

Many times, my spells have brought me almost what I wanted. Sometimes this is because I wasn’t clear enough in my spell writing. Other times it’s because this was just a “warm-up” manifestation and the real thing is just a few weeks or days behind.

If you’ve waited a while, and you think your intention was written clearly, take some time to examine any limiting beliefs. Those sometimes cause spells to slow or not manifest “all the way”.

3. Your spell manifested, but you realize it wasn’t what you wanted.

Start by looking at the way you worded intention. Look at the words you used, what associations you have to those words, and what the words implied. From there, I’d rewrite my affirmation or incantation and perform the spell a second time with the changes.

If this spell really bought something you don’t want in your life, you can also look into methods for reversing your spell. After that, you can re-write your spell, starting from scratch.

 4. Your spell brought you the results you desire.

This is the ideal situation, and it’s really exciting when this happens. If you experience this, look at how your spell was written and see if you can repeat your success with other intentions. See if it’s repeatable. Experiment with what worked.

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