The two things I’d like you to take away from this course is that spell writing is a skill that’s accessible to all witches, and it’s highly personal. What works for you may or may not work for other witches. Getting to the level of proficiency where you’re crafting your own spells means taking your practice out of rote repetition of someone else’s work and into a place of innovation. You’re no longer learning the basics. You’ve progressed through copying more experienced witches work and now you’re creating a version of witchcraft that is wholly yours. Your craft is no longer a form of study, it’s a form of art, a form of science.

There is always more learning to be done and I would absolutely encourage you to continue expand your knowledge through books, blogs, and mentors. It’s time for your craft to grow beyond the confines of what has been done before though. Your unique contribution to the craft and your personal experiences will inform your magic far more than you could ever imagine. Step outside of the comfortable confines of other people’s experience and start creating your own witchcraft!

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