Below you’ll find some information on a few popular goddesses and patron saints of witchcraft. I implore you to do your own research here and find patrons or matrons who truly suit your purposes and who you connect to. But if you don’t know where to start, these are some more general goddesses and saints you can build shrines to, who work with witches to bring about good things.

Hekate: Perhaps the most well-known, Hekate is the “official” goddess of witches. Some common correspondences to include on your shrine are dandelions, dogs, owls, lavender, garlic, horses, snakes, yew trees or wood, hemlock, poppies and belladonna. Because some of these herbs are toxic, make sure you know what you’re doing when you work with them, or just depict them on your shrines with paintings or pictures if you’re unsure. Hekate can be invoked by witches seeking guidance or protection, and she is known to help witches with very difficult magic.

Aradia: The “Queen of the Witches.” Aradia is the daughter of Diana and Lucifer, but has no wicked connotations. In fact, Aradia is said to be a champion of the oppressed and exploited. Her associations include air (so witches making air altars or shrines are already invoking Aradia’s good energy), cats, and the colors white and silver.

Saint Cipriano: The patron saint of witches and sorcerers. Saint Cipriano is a male saint who protects magical workers and is particularly generous to those just starting down their magical paths. His colors are brown and purple, his associated herb is starwort, and his day of the week is Saturday. His feast day is September 16th, and his number is 9.

Saint Comba: Believed to be a combination of two saints, Columba of Sens and Columba of Spain. A shrine to this saint will be protective of the witch and a ward against negative magic directed at them. Animal association is the bear and Saint Comba is often portrayed with a peacock feather as well.

A Note About Petitioning Saints

This is an in depth topic, so I will only cover the basics. However, I encourage you to read more and learn how to connect with specific saints and goddesses, as some require more elaborate ceremonies. A simple way of doing this is lighting a white candle at your shrine and asking for help from the saint or goddess sincerely. In the following days and weeks, look for signs that your petition has been answered and that the saint has decided to work with you. Once you feel confident you have a matron in your corner, make offerings weekly according to the preferences of the matron you have chosen. If you feel that more than one matron would work well with you, by all means you may petition more. Different situations call for different beings, so learning who does what will be in your best interest.

Action Steps

If you’re interested in building a relationship with these or any other spirits/deities you’ll need to do your research! Spend at least 10-15 minutes on google reading up on each being that you want to work with. You may want to jot down notes in your journal or grimoire so that you can keep track of the information and amend it as necessary. You can probably find more in-depth resources in your local library and as you work with this being you will learn about their preferences firsthand.

Bonus Action: Post your findings on the forum! Connecting with other witches who are familiar with these entities can lead to all kinds of wonderful discussions and discoveries and these threads can serve as a resource for you to reference later.