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This final section of the course is full of various resources for you to experiment with and try out in your personal astral practice. Each type of resource will appeal to different people so when you're comfortable I recommend giving each type of resource a try and seeing what works best for you!

Download this journaling blueprint and either print it out or use it as a guide to journal in a notebook and document your astral journeys.

This drumming track may seem very simple but it packs quite a punch without any added distracting noises. If you find the isochronic tones too busy this track is perfect for you. This particular form of trance music is played at 210 beats per minute and has been shown to induce theta brain waves and has been utilized in hypnosis.


Isochronic tones contain repetitive tones that help to alter brain waves and assist you in achieving a trance state much easier.

Here are some of my favorite isochronic tones tracks to use!