There are two main ways you can incorporate astrology into your witchcraft. You can use magic that aligns with your own birth chart, or you can use magic that taps into the energy of any major astrological shifts that are happening in your part of the world

Using Astrology To Learn About Yourself

One of the best places to start when you’re looking to add astrology to your magical practice is to get your birth chart done. Thanks to technology, it’s super easy (and TOTALLY FREE) to get a copy of your chart. 

You’ll need to know your date of birth, the location of your birth, and the time of your birth. You can go with an approximate time if you don’t know the exact time. Just remember that your rising sign changes one degree every four minutes. Bottom line: Do the best you can when gathering your dates and times. The more exact, the better.

Here’s my favorite online resource for getting a free birth chart:


Here are the most influential parts of your birth chart:

Sun Sign (Sometimes called “Star Sign”)

What it is:

We know from third-grade lessons that the earth rotates around the sun. The sun stays in one place while everything else in the solar system spins around that one central point, right?

Yes, this is true, but in Western astrology, we go by the positions of the planets, sun, and moon from how we see them in the sky from planet earth. From this perspective, the Sun appears to travel around the Earth once a year. As the Sun makes its journey across the sky, it travels through each of the twelve zodiac constellations. The Sun spends about a month in each constellation, and the Sun’s path and timing is the same year after year. That’s why there are fixed “start” and “end” dates separating each sun sign. Whatever constellation the Sun was traveling through at your moment of birth is your sun sign. 

How to find it:

Your sun sign is the easiest part of your birth chart to identify. In fact, it’s so easy you don’t even need to do your birth chart to figure it out. Just look at where your birthday falls and the corresponding sign is your sun sign. 

For example, if my birthday was April 29th, I could see that my sun sign is Taurus because everyone whose birthday falls between April 20 - May 20 is a Taurus. 

(See the section on The 12 Signs of the Zodiac for the dates of the sun signs.)

A Note On Sun Sign Cusps:

If you look at different websites, you’ll see a slight difference with these sun sign dates - a variation of a day or so on each side. That’s okay. If your birthday is close (five or fewer days) to the cut-off of another sign, you’re considered to be on the “cusp”. That means the energies of both signs may show up in your personality, preferences, and tendencies. 

How it impacts you:

Each sun sign comes with its own set of personality traits, tendencies, preferences, strengths, and flaws. No sun sign is better than another. There’s something special and powerful with each one. 

Your sun sign is basically the foundation of your astrological birth chart. In theory, your sun sign is the most influential sign on your chart. The traits associated with your sun sign usually line up with how your friends and family see you. It’s how someone close to you would describe you. 

But we all know that what shows up on the outside isn’t necessarily what’s going on within you. Humans are so complex, and your sun sign isn’t going to explain exactly who you are. Think of this as a starting point. This is why many witches discover their sun sign and think, “That’s not me at all!”. 

And they’re right. We might only resonate with a few of the personality traits associated with our sun sign. That’s perfectly normal because there are more factors at play.

Moon Sign (or Lunar Sign)

What it is:

The Moon orbits around the Earth, and as it does this, it moves through the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Moon changes signs much faster than the Sun. The Sun takes about a month to move through a sign, but the Moon moves through all twelve signs in about twenty-nine days. The Moon only spends about two-and-a-half days in one sign before moving on to the next. Whatever zodiac sign the Moon was passing through at the moment of your birth will be your moon sign. 

How to find it:

Figuring out your moon sign is a bit more difficult than finding your sun sign. This is because the dates that the Moon is in each sign change from month to month and year to year. Plus, with the Moon changing signs every couple days, it’s not uncommon to be born on a day where the moon moved into a different sign. In that case, you’ll need to provide your time of birth. 

If you’ve used an online resource to generate your birth chart, as long as you’ve provided your birth time, your chart will tell you what your moon sign is. 

How it impacts you:

Your moon sign is considered to be the second most important energy in your birth chart. While your sun sign will give you insight into your outward and more conscious energies, your moon sign will help you understand who you are in the inside and on a subconscious level. The actions, traits, and tendencies of your moon sign are likely to be the things that affect you most when you’re acting spontaneously or on instinct.

Because your moon sign reflects your subconscious (or “your inner you”), you might find it very healing to learn more about your moon sign. It may help you understand some memories from your past (especially childhood) and give you valuable insight into your dreams. 

You might look up your sun sign and moon sign and find that they are completely opposite of each other. If that’s you, you might have noticed some inner conflict between what others see and who you really are. At the same time, having very different energies in your chart can prove to be an asset. This makes you energetically versatile. You can navigate different life situations with ease because you naturally embody traits on both sides of the spectrum. 

Whatever you moon sign is, celebrate it, study it, and nurture it. Doing this is a powerful form of self-care because it can heal you from the inside out. 

Rising Sign (or Ascendant Sign)

What it is:

Your rising sign is the zodiac constellation that was peeking over the horizon (relating to your location) at the moment of your birth. It’s the sign that was rising to the east of you the instant you transitioned into the world.

How to find it:

This is one of the more difficult aspects of your birth chart to pin down because it gets very precise. We’re talking minutes and degrees here. 

I would strongly recommend using an online resource to calculate this because otherwise, it will take some serious math. By entering the location and the time of your birth (to the minute, if possible), you’ll be able to identify what your rising sign is down to the degree. Many astrologers believe that the closer the degree (the lower the number) to when the sign began to rise, the stronger effect your rising sign will have on you. 

Note: When you’re looking at your birth chart, your rising sign will be noted as a line starting at the center of the chart and going directly outward to the left (the nine o’clock position). 

How it impacts you:

Your rising sign is your first impression you make on others. This sign is typically the one that will show up in your personality when you’re at a job interview or meeting your in-laws for the first time. Some astrologers refer to the rising sign as your “mask”, meaning this is the side of you that you show to people when you’re trying to impress or be on your best behavior. You can think of your rising sign as how the barista at your usual cafe would describe you.

Your rising sign and your sun sign will blend together from time to time because they both point to your “outer” or “conscious” traits. The difference is that your rising sign traits are the ones that come out in a first impression. The sun sign traits are how your friends, family, and lovers—the people who know you better—will probably see you.

Descendant Sign

What it is:

Your descendant sign is the sign that was descending on the opposite horizon at the moment of your birth, directly west of you. 

How to Find it:

On your birth chart, you’ll find this directly opposite of your rising sign. It will be the line positioned at three o’clock on your circular chart. Whatever sign that line falls into is your descendant sign. 

How it Impacts You:

Your descendant sign marks the cusp of your seventh house, which is associated with your relationships, partnerships (business and personal), and marriage. The traits of your descendant sign are traits you’re likely to admire in others or be attracted to.

Sometimes your descendant sign is called your “shadow sign” because it’s the sign that was setting at the time of your birth. For this reason, some astrologers say that the traits associated with your descendant sign are the characteristics you ignore or suppress within yourself.

Planetary Influences

The eight other planets in the solar system are constantly moving through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Each planet moves at its own speed and has a set path as it orbits the sun. From our perspective on earth, some planets will move in and out of the different signs very quickly. Other planets will stay in one sign for months, years, or decades. Because the Earth is orbiting, along with the other planets, sometimes it appears as if certain planets are temporarily moving backward. When that happens, it’s called retrograde. (More on that later.) 

How to find it:

You’ll see the eight other planets in the solar system and their positions noted on your birth chart. They’re represented by different symbols. The planets might be scattered all over your birth chart, in different signs of the zodiac, or they might be clumped together. It will be different for everybody. The thing to note is which sign each planet is positioned in. 

How it impacts you:

The eight planets all hold a different energy. Whatever sign these planets were moving through at your time of birth will affect various aspects of your life. 

Here’s an overview of the energies associated with each planet as well as magical tools, practices and recommended spells to perform when working with specific astrological energies.


Keywords: Communication, money management, intellect, and travel

Color: light blue

Crystals: Blue lace agate, fluorite

Tarot Cards: King of Swords, Eight of Wands, Knight of Pentacles

Suggested magical practices: candle magic, journaling and burning the pages, writing your own personal affirmations and incantations. 


Keywords: Love, beauty, attraction, sensuality, creativity, emotions, and relationships

Color: Pink, green

Crystals: Rose quartz, jade, turquoise 

Tarot Cards: The Empress, The Star, Two of Cups, Three of Cups

Suggested magical practices: Painting or creating any kind of art for the purpose of magic, drawing sigils, love spells


Keywords: Competition, courage, conflict, sex drive, endurance, passion, independence, and boldness.

Color: Red

Crystals: Bloodstone, ruby, carnelian 

Tarot Cards: Five of Wands, The Chariot, King of Wands

Suggested magical practices: Candle magic, ritual fires, sex magic


Keywords: Growth, learning, ambition, expansion, luck, optimism, long-distance travel, and increasing any kind of energy. 

Color: Orange

Crystals: Aventurine, clear quartz

Tarot Cards: Three of Wands, The Fool, The Magician

Suggested magical practices: Setting long-term intentions, visualization, manifestation spells


Keywords: Longevity, responsibilities, discipline, boundaries, destiny, releasing, and external factors outside your control.

Color: Black, gray, violet, silver

Crystals: Obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline, smoky quartz

Tarot Cards: The Emperor, Judgement, The Hierophant

Suggested magical practices: protection spells, shadow work, banishing spells, curses, hexes, knot magic for binding spells

A Note About Saturn Return: 

You’ll experience your own personal “Saturn Return” when Saturn orbits back into the exact same spot it was in at the time of your birth. It happens about every twenty-nine years, and it’s associated with a time (typically a year) of rapid personal growth, transformation, and hardship. Many astrologers believe that although this is a difficult time, it’s also a period of deep emotional healing. Depending on how long you live, you may experience a second and third “Saturn Return”. 

If you know your “Saturn Return” is approaching, you can make sure you have a support system in place and take extra time for self-care during that year.  

Here’s an online resource I’ve used to discover my Saturn Return;



Keywords: Unexpected change, innovation, technology, uniqueness, rule-breaking, “shake-ups”, and unconventional behavior.  

Color: Blue

Crystals: Moonstone, Malachite, blue apatite

Tarot Cards: The Tower

Suggested magical practices: throwing bones, creating new spells, rearranging your altar or living space, trying a new magical practice you’ve never done before.


Keywords: Intuition, spirituality, psychic abilities, dreams, imagination, wishes, fantasy, and hopes.

Color: Violet

Crystals: Amethyst, selenite

Tarot Cards: The High Priestess, Queen of Cups, the Hermit

Suggested magical practices: Cleansing your space or magical tools, ritual baths, moon baths, divination, and potion making


Keywords: Unexpected power and strength, endings, completion, secrets, fears, banishing, rebirth, transformation.

Color: Black, white

Crystals: Howlite, obsidian, lava stone

Tarot Cards: The Hanged Man, Death, The World

Suggested magical practices: sex magic, banishing spells, curses, connecting with spirits