What are they:

Centuries ago, Babylonian astrologers divided the sky up into twelve sections. Each section represented a certain aspect of a person’s life. The twelve categories are basically the same as they were all those years ago, and they’re just as relevant now as they were back then!

How to find them:

Locate your ascending sign on your birth chart (which is typically positioned at the nine o’clock mark). Your ascending sign will always be the sign that guides you in all the matters associated with the “first house”. From there, you’ll move counterclockwise around your birth chart “wheel” until you end up at the twelfth house. If one house straddles two signs, go with the sign that appears first on your birth chart. 

How they impact you:

This is where you’ll see that every sign of the zodiac is present on your chart and influences a specific part of your life. The planets that were positioned in each of your houses will also affect how you act, think, and feel regarding a particular area of your life. 

First House: The House of Self

Keywords: First impressions, mannerisms, style of dress, grooming habits, how the world sees you.

Second House: House of Money and Possessions

Keywords: Money habits, money beliefs, income, how you prefer to make money, your possessions.

Third House: House of Communication

Keywords: logic, memory, education, your daily commute, your day-to-day activities, how you talk to people.

Fourth House: House of Home

Keywords: Your house, land or property purchases, housekeeping, caring for your home, how you feel about your home.

Fifth House: The House of Creativity and Sex

Keywords: Playfulness, entertainment, romance, pleasure, creative expression, games, love affairs, ideas regarding sexual habits and desire. 

Sixth House: House of Service and of Health

Keywords: Physical, emotional, and mental health, preferences for how to help others, usefulness, purpose, workplace relationships. 

Seventh House: House of Partnership and Marriage

Keywords: legal affairs, professional partnerships, long-term relationships, enemies, highlights qualities that attract you to a partner, may indicate areas you need to heal or improve on.

Eighth House: House of Death and Regeneration

Keywords: psychic abilities, connection to the spirit realm, life cycles, death, rebirth, transformation, creation through the act of sex, inheritance.  

Ninth House: House of Mental Exploration and Long Distance Travel

Notable Qualities: expanding your mind through travel and education, exploration, belief system, personal development, how you naturally educate others and share ideas.

Tenth house: House of Career and Public Standing

Notable Qualities: reputation, prestige, professional achievement, awards, recognition, feelings about responsibility and integrity, social status, career goals.

Eleventh House: House of Friends and Hopes

Notable Qualities: group activities, organizations, delayed gratification, your biggest life goals, your life visions, cooperation, teamwork, your approach to friendships and non-romantic relationships.

Twelfth House: House of Secrets, Sorrows, and Self-Undoing 

Notable Qualities: your spiritual purpose, hardships, setbacks, self-sabotaging behaviors, limiting beliefs, secrets, emotional trauma, and unexpected accidents.