The suggested spells and magical tools in this course are based on magical tradition, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improvise when working with astrological energy. You likely have personal associations with different colors, herbs or other magical tools. 

For example, maybe you associate sunflowers with romantic love because you carried sunflowers in your wedding bouquet. Though many witches believe that sunflowers are used for happiness or abundance spells, because of your past life experience, you’ve had success using sunflowers in your love spells. 

If any of the signs, planets, or astrological energies make you think of certain crystals or colors, it could be helpful for you to explore that rather than strictly sticking to magical tradition. 

Here are some ways you can use the energies in your birth chart in your witchcraft.

To draw on your strengths:

If you notice your most prominent signs on your birth chart are associated with certain intentions (such as money, love, or communication), you can craft your spells so they draw on those intentions.

For example, if your birth chart is strong in communication skills, but not as strong in matters of romantic love, you can create a love spell that will pay to your astrological strengths. Rather than focusing on the “love” intention, create an affirmation or incantation that focuses on opening the channels of communication between you and your lover to increase passion and intimacy between the two of you. 

To improve your weaknesses:

If you look over your birth chart and see areas that you’d like to improve on, you can target those with your witchcraft. If your most prominent signs tend to be introverted, call upon the energy of the planet Mars or the sign Leo to increase your ability to be more extraverted.  

The more you do this, the more you’ll see your energies begin to balance out. You’ll become more versatile as you get familiar with tapping into the many personalities of the astrological bodies. 

It could even be as simple as wanting to bring more Air energy into your life because you’ve been feeling sluggish due to too much earth energy. In that case, you could meditate holding one of the crystals associated with one of the air signs.

To make progress in a certain area of your life:

If you would like to make progress on a particular “house” in your birth chart, (Career or relationships) you can look up what sign occupies that particular house on your chart. Perform spells that tap into the energy of that sign to make big leaps forward in matters that are associated with a certain house.