Sometimes certain astrological events make it more difficult to perform magic. It doesn’t mean you can’t do any kind of witchcraft, it just means you should be aware of potentially conflicting energies. 

When The Moon Is “Void Of Course”

For several days each month the moon is between signs. We call this “Void of Course”. It doesn’t take long for the moon to complete its transition into the next sign, but this in-between period can scatter or weaken the energy you are putting into your spells. Consider taking extra measures to focus your energy during these times with a wand or crystal point, or you can wait a day or two until the moon has completed its move. 

If you’d like to keep track of when the moon is “void of course”, here’s a website that I found to be helpful:


Planets In Retrograde

When a planet appears to be going backward, it’s called “retrograde”. The planet isn’t actually moving backward. It just looks that way from where we are on earth. When a planet moves into retrograde, certain things tend to happen depending on the planet.

Mercury is a planet that goes retrograde every four months. Each time, this planet stays retrograde for about three weeks. You don’t necessarily have to change your magical practice when this happens if you don’t want to, but be aware that your results might be slightly different from when you performed that spell under more favorable astrological energy. Some witches choose to use retrograde periods for journaling and introspection. 

While retrogrades are often seen as an ultimate negative event they can be incredibly useful if used appropriately! Mercury retrograde is excellent for reevaluating and reworking things. Yes, it can come with a lot of problems and miscommunications but often these issues are simply indicating areas of your life that weren’t running so smoothly anyway and could use some attention to get them into better shape.

Miscommunications at work? Set up some more effective communication practices with your boss and coworkers. Fighting with your spouse? Use this as a chance to stop, reflect on the issue, and find creative ways to compromise. The retrograde making you feel stuck and restless in your life? You can use it as a time to dream really big, figure out your goals, and design a plan of attack to move forward on them (although starting your new plan should probably be a post-retrograde affair). Every retrograde presents unique opportunities like these, you simply have to find the best way to utilize this energy to benefit you.

Keeping Track Of Astrological Energy

Astrological energies affect people differently. This is normal, everyone’s birth chart looks a little different. It’s helpful to keep a journal to track how the different astrological events affect your energy. Maybe supermoons make you feel distracted or drained. Perhaps you find that you feel more relaxed during certain planetary retrogrades. 

Once you start seeing some patterns, you can better plan your life. Schedule vacations, job interviews, and parties on days when you know you’ll feel aligned to the astrological energy, or your days of peak personal power.