Here are some ideas for working with the energy of a particular sign, planet, moon, or star. 

Astrological Altars

Create an altar dedicated to whatever sign the sun is currently in. Leave it up for the entire time and perform spells that align with the current astrological energy. You might want to create one intention for each sign that the sun passes through. Meditate on that intention each day until the sun moves into the next sign. By the end of the year, you’ll have harnessed the energy of the entire zodiac.

Astrological Jar Spells

A variation on this is to fill a jar with magical tools, herbs, crystals or trinkets that you associate with the current sun sign or moon sign. Create a new jar and a new intention once the sun or moon changes signs. Continue this for an entire year. 

Calling In The Quarters

Begin your magical session by calling in each element using four of your favorite zodiac signs. The signs can be representing in your ceremony with colors, crystals, magical tools, or any other creative way you can think of. Be sure to dismiss each sign when you are finished with your magic.