There are several types of baths used for common energetic ailments. Each of these has their own purpose and will affect the bather differently.

  • General baths are good for a bit of everything. They can help with anything from spirits to jinxes to stress relief. It’s always best to start with this kind of bath first before moving on to something more intense.
  • Mental and stress relief baths are used to calm the mind, settle recent emotional disturbances, and relieve stress. The focus of these baths should be on relaxing rather than a harsh cleansing.
  • Baths for releasing powerful or old emotions can allow relief from emotional upsets and traumas. If you have deeply troubling emotional problems, a regular routine of weekly emotional release baths followed by journaling sessions can be incredibly healing. You can also use these baths to assist in any work you do with a therapist. Taking a bath before seeing your therapist will help you shift your emotions into a place where you can more easily deal with them or if you prefer, taking the bath after will allow you to release whatever emotions were stirred up in your session.
  • Removing attached spirits with a bath can be one of the more gentle ways to rid yourself of a troublesome intruder. If you find yourself having thoughts, feelings, likes/dislikes, or behaviors that are not yours, you likely have a spirit attached to you. This is a fairly common problem and not generally harmful, it can be draining and uncomfortable, however, and a cleansing bath can help to remove the spirit.
  • Baths can be used to clear the evil-eye or remove thoughtforms that are following you due to someone else's jealousy or anger.
  • Clearing jinxes, curses, and crossed conditions with a bath is often the most effective method. Actual curses are rather uncommon (as they must be placed intentionally) but it is not uncommon to find people who have been “crossed” or unintentionally hexed by another person’s ill will or even by your own trauma or negative thoughts and opinions of yourself.