This is the basic procedure to follow when taking a spiritual bath. Use this process for everything but truly stubborn spiritual problems.

  1. Steep your herbs in hot water, as though you were making a tea for about 10 minutes. Focus on your intent as you combine the herbs. You’ll probably want to make a fairly large amount of tea, 1-3 liters is usually a good amount. Allow the herbal infusion to cool until it is a comfortable temperature.
  2. As you draw your bath, focus your intent on clearing whatever it is that you’re ridding yourself of. Call any spirits or gods that you may want to assist you in this cleansing spell. Add the herbal mixture and any other ingredients to the bath water.
  3. Charge the water. Add your natural water if you have it and visualize the water filling with a radiant light (if you’re not a visual person you can imagine the water humming, vibrating, etc.)
  4. Step into the bath. Pour water from the bath over your head 3-9 times (whatever feels right to you) while focusing on your intent. After each time your pour, sweep your hands downward over your body, focusing on dislodging the energy, emotions, or spirits.
  5. Dunk yourself in the water, thinking about your intent as you immerse yourself and focusing on being refreshed and reborn as you come to the surface again. Repeat the sweeping motion. You can do this just once or three times if you like.
  6. You can soak in the tub for a bit if you like, to meditate, think, and let the cleansing water work on you a bit longer. When you’re finished, exit the tub, dry off with a clean towel and dress in fresh clothes.