Using immersion in your ritual baths is a way of completely submerging yourself in the cleansing water and surrendering to its power momentarily. This can be a powerful way to cleanse but it isn’t always practical. Immersion works best in natural bodies of water that are fairly deep. A small bodied person may be able to totally immerse themselves in a normal tub, and if you have a large tub immersion will likely be possible. If you can’t immerse yourself, that’s ok, simply pouring water over yourself will do the trick just fine.

This method symbolizes washing away the old and being reborn, it’s a way of bringing new life to your energy, emotions, and thoughts. Many religions use this form of spiritual bathing and they often prescribe a specific number of times to immerse yourself. I recommend using the number of times that feels right to you, 1, 3, or 9 times can all work well depending on your intent.