These methods are for those who do not have a tub or body of water to dunk themselves in. They’re not as potent as a full bath but they can work well as a touch up between baths, when you can’t access a bath, or for guests that you wish to cleanse before they enter a space.

Mix up a bowl of your chosen wash (water, herbs, salt, etc.), these same mixtures can be used to cleanse yourself and others in less intensive ways. Pour some of the cooled water into a spray bottle and use it to spritz yourself and others. Dip your fingertips into the water and use them to spritz water for cleansing. You can even take a sponge bath with it or soak your feet in the mixture when you cannot use a full bath. These can all be wonderful ways to quickly cleanse before entering sacred space, before working spells or rituals, and after astral travel or magical working with other people.