This more advanced bathing process is used for very stubborn problems that refuse to shift with basic methods, or for special occasions like an eclipse, full moon, or big life event.

A ritual bath is very similar to the basic form of spiritual bathing but with a few additional steps and considerations.

A ritual bath must be taken at dawn in order to take advantage of the cleansing, restorative, and new beginning powers of that time of day. You should try to time your bath so that you are leaving the bath at the moment of the sunrise. Yes, for those of us who are not morning people this particular form of spiritual bathing is not the most natural. Getting up very early to perform this kind of rite doesn’t feel all that great, you’ll still be groggy and tempted to hit the snooze button but this step really does make a world of difference when you need the extra boost to handle your spiritual problem. If a basic spiritual bath hasn’t cleared the issue, go ahead and bite the bullet and give the early morning ritual bath a try.


You Will Need:

  • Herbs
  • Epsom salts or sea salt
  • Incense, sage, or cleansing crystals
  • 2 white candles
  • A bottle or container for collecting water

Prepare everything (herbs, water, etc) the same as you would for a basic bath. Smoke cleanse yourself with incense or sage OR use a crystal with cleansing properties like citrine or smoky quartz to cleanse yourself. Set the two white candles on either side of the tub so that when you enter you step between them. As you light your candles ask any gods, spirits, guides, or ancestors that you want to petition for help to remove the old energies and help you in creating new ones. These candles act as a barrier, helping to remove energies and keeping them in the bath when you exit.

Follow the same steps as you would for the basic spiritual bath. Pour the water over yourself 3-9 times and use the sweeping motion to remove the negative or stuck energies, visualize the unwanted energies sliding off of you and into the water. Then dunk yourself in the water 1-3 times, focusing on rebirth and new beginnings as you resurface. Feel free to soak in the bath if you like, or get out immediately.

Collect a bit of the bath water before you drain the tub. Allow yourself to air dry (this is very important! Do not towel dry!) and then dress in fresh clean clothing.

As soon as you are dressed and dry, take the water you saved to a crossroads. You should choose a crossroads that you do not go through often as the energy can take time to dissipate from the area and will be attracted to you in particular. Throw the water over your left shoulder, toward the rising sun. 

For very difficult spiritual problems, perform the bath a total of 3 times on consecutive mornings. I know of very little that won’t be solved by this process and have successfully helped remove curses, possessions, and even familial hexes (those passed from one generation to the next) with a 3-day ritual bathing rite.

Performing this 3-day ritual at the time of the new moon adds even more potency. You would begin on the morning of the new moon and perform the bath for two more days as the moon begins to wax.