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Bathing is one of the most powerful and accessible forms of cleansing available to modern witches. If you have access to water, you can use a cleansing bath (even if you don’t have a tub!) This makes it ideal for people with sensitivities to smoke or for people who may not have access to things like cleansing crystals.

Water is an essential element in both the craft and in our lives. Without it, we cannot survive. The magnitude of power this lends to our work as witches is invaluable. Water allows us to connect with a form of energy that flows more readily than almost any other, it helps to energize, clear, relax, and bring new energy to those who know how to tap into that energy. It helps us to release those stuck feelings, energies, and ideas that are no longer serving us and washes away all of the energetic and emotional buildup that we accumulate from people, situations, and spirits in our lives. This leaves our energy clean, clear, and wholly our own allowing us to access our most true thoughts and feelings.

In this way, cleansing baths not only help to cleanse and clear our energetic and emotional bodies but help us step more fully into our most authentic selves and claim our power as co-creators of our world!


Important Notes Before You Begin

  • The water that flows into our homes is not as spiritually active as water from a natural source since it’s been filtered, controlled, and treated on it’s way to us. Water that is so far from its natural source can still work for cleansing but it can help to wake up the innate wildness of the water with an infusion of natural water. All it takes is a tablespoon added to your bath to reawaken that energetic memory of flow and strength. You can use water taken from a natural body of water near you (so long as it’s reasonably clean), you can collect rainwater, or you can use water that has been charged under the full moon. 
  • Spiritual baths are meant for spiritual, energetic, and emotional cleansing only NOT physical cleansing. You should be relatively clean prior to taking your cleansing bath. You don’t have to be freshly scrubbed but make sure that you aren’t sweaty from a recent workout, dirty from working outside, etc.
  • Spiritual baths are all about harnessing natural energies to affect your own energy. To do this, the bath needs to be as natural as possible which means no bubble baths, bath bombs, or lotions should be added. These things cloud the intent of your bath and can reduce the effectiveness.
  • Avoid cleansing baths during menstruation. This is a time when the energetic body is already self-cleansing and adding additional cleansing on top of this can be utterly exhausting and drain your energy significantly. If you feel it’s absolutely necessary you can bend this rule a bit but be prepared for potential exhaustion, headaches, and emotional mood swings following the bath.
  • A cleansing bath can be done with simply your intent and water, nothing else is needed. That said, adding herbs and other ingredients can enhance the intent of your spell greatly. Be sure to pay attention to the herbs you’re using though, the qualities of each herb should agree with all of the other herbs. For example, you don’t want to mix herbs for banishing a spirit with herbs for attracting money because it would confuse your intentions.
  • Spiritual baths can be used about once a week for regular energetic cleansing.
  • Adding Epsom salts or regular salts to a bath can occasionally be too harsh for some people. If you have dry skin or are energetically porous you should use goat’s milk as a replacement. You will know that you are energetically porous if after a salt bath you feel raw, heavy, and emotional rather than refreshed and renewed. Energy porosity changes over time so you may become more or less porous depending on what is happening in your life.
  • During pregnancy, avoid any bath that might be overly harsh physically or energetically. It’s best to stick with goat’s milk, parsley, lemon, or rosemary during this time. Avoid salt baths.