There are many reasons to keep a grimoire, and you’ll probably discover even more as you’re creating and working with your own book of magic.

Reason #1: You’ll see your growth as a witch.

You’ll be able to look back on all the spells you’ve done, and note the results of your spells. Maybe you’ll notice a spell didn’t work a year ago, but now that you’re more experienced, you can make that same spell work every time.

Reason #2: You’ll develop a style.

You’ll also be able to see what spells you want to keep, and which ones you’re ok with letting go of. The more you journal about your witchcraft, the more you’ll discover what magic you’re drawn to. Maybe you find you’re more into herbal magic than candle magic. Perhaps you realize that you respond well to lunar magic, but earth spells don’t come as naturally to you. That’s great information to have! Once you know what magic you gravitate towards, you’ll be able to put more time and energy into that kind of magic. Conversely, you might want to bring your focus to the areas of magic that don’t come as easily to you so you can hone your power across many different forms of magic. Either way, you’re discovering more about who you are as a witch.

Reason #3: You’ll know what spells you’ve performed

A grimoire is also handy for keeping a record of what spells you’ve performed. This is especially helpful if you’re feeling energetically drained. You can look back in your grimoire to check if you’re still putting energy towards any spell, like a multi-day spell, or a protective home spell.

Reason #4: You can edit and perfect your spells.

A grimoire is also a place where you can write down spells you’ve learned, and make edits to them, creating a repertoire of magic that fits your personal style and belief system. These unique spells will be recorded in detail so that they are now repeatable.

Reason #5: You’ll leave a legacy.

Another benefit to keeping a grimoire is that you’ll be able to share your magical information with your fellow witches if you like or pass it along to another family member when you are through with it.

It is your contribution to the world, a way of leaving your mark. And who knows, maybe YOUR grimoire will end up in a museum years from now, revered as a historical book of magic. You never know!

Reason #6: The process of creating & using a grimoire is magical.

Possibly the most valuable reason for keeping a grimoire is that it is a spiritual experience in itself creating the book, adding information, and using the book in rituals and in your everyday life. It’s meditative, and keeping a grimoire is actually a form of manifestation—one of the beginning stages. Creating and adding to a grimoire involves the process of taking what’s in your mind, and making it a reality. What was once a thought or idea is now recorded in a physical object. That’s powerful!