You might not consider your random daily thoughts important enough to go into your grimoire, but journaling is actually a very powerful and enlightening form of magic. It can help you discover things about yourself that have been buried in your subconscious for years. Because a lot of magic is powered (or a least directed) by your thoughts, it’s highly valuable to take notice and record the recurring thoughts that continue to flit through your mind day in and day out.

Some witches devote whole sections of their grimoire to journaling while others prefer to mix their journal entries in with their other magical information.

Things To Journal About:

Limiting Beliefs

These are SO good to get to the bottom of because they can sometimes block your spells. Limiting beliefs, also referred to as blocks, false beliefs, or emotional wounds are responsible for much of the resistance you feel in your magic, and in your life.

The first step is to notice negative thoughts that come up whenever you perform a spell (or just living your life). For example, if you’re trying to manifest money, but you immediately have the thought, “I don’t deserve that much money”, then congratulations! You’ve just discovered a limiting belief. You can now journal about all the reasons that you DO in fact deserve that much money, and look back into your past to see where that belief was created. Once you discover a limiting belief and consciously choose a new, more beneficial thought, you will notice your spells working more consistently.

Personal Goals

It’s well-documented that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. You can include your goals in your grimoire to start the manifesting process. You can also journal about why you want to achieve each goal, and how you’ll feel once you’ve manifested your goal. The process of thinking about, writing, and feeling emotions around your goals will draw them to you faster.

Spiritual Experiences

Documenting your experiences in spells, circles, spirit work, dreams, psychic workings, and more can be amazingly helpful. This kind of record allows you to reference back to previous experiences and grow from them as you move forward in your craft. I personally keep my journal grimoire with me at all times so that if I get struck with random inspiration, an out of the blue intuitive message, or some other experience I can jot it down as soon as possible to keep me from forgetting the details. You’d be surprised how quickly those kinds of details can slip away!

Spell Notes

Keeping notes about the spells you cast, how the casting felt, what substitutions you made, and how the results unfolded is an excellent way to improve your spell casting abilities quickly. Having this kind of information easily available allows you to identify patterns, strengths, and weaknesses in your spell casting method and style that will help you hone in on the most effective kind of casting for you.