Have you ever held a crystal in your hand and felt something unexpected? Maybe you noticed a change in your mood or emotions. Perhaps you felt a physical sensation in your body like an excitement in your chest or the slowing of your breath. Have you ever walked into a rock store and felt drawn to a specific stone? Those subtle shifts you experience around these magical stones are due to the powerful energy that resides in each crystal.

Crystals are special to witches because of the power they hold. This power can be used for cleansing magical tools, honoring your personal deities or higher power, scrying, decorating wands or pentacles, setting intentions, spell work, casting circles, and changing the energy of a room. Crystals also affect people and animals by healing or balancing energies within the physical body.

Crystals Through History

Throughout history, crystals have been used for their energetic qualities in many different cultures. The first historical crystal reference was by the ancient Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia, who used crystals in their magical formulas. In ancient Egypt, people used crystals such as lapis lazuli, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz for jewelry and funerary amulets. The ancient Romans used quartz crystals as talismans, and Greek soldiers rubbed hematite on their bodies for protection before battle. The Aztecs used turquoise crystals in religious ceremonies. In China, Jade was coveted for its beauty and healing properties.