A mineral is an inorganic solid substance that has a specific chemical composition. Minerals are created underground by naturally occurring heat, liquid, and pressure.

A crystal is a solid substance made up of an organized, repeating pattern of atoms called a crystal lattice pattern. There are six different lattice patterns found in crystals, and each one has an energetic quality associated with it.

Crystal Lattice Patterns & Their Energetic Associations:

Hexagonal crystals—manifesting energy

Isometric crystals—amplifying a specific energy

Monoclinic crystals—protective energy

Orthorhombic crystals—cleansing and opening energy

Tetragonal crystals—attracting energy

Triclinic crystals—banishing negative energy and holding onto positive energy

A rock (or stone) is an inorganic substance made up of two or more minerals and other natural substances. Some rocks look similar to crystals and are used for magical purposes the same way crystals are.

A gemstone is a polished, cut crystal commonly used in jewelry. Gemstones can be classified as precious or semi-precious depending on the type of the crystal.

A geode is a hollow rock with crystals growing along the inside walls. Geodes with clear quartz, amethyst and agate crystals are most common.

You’ll probably hear the terms crystal and stone used interchangeably in the witch community, as well as in rock shops and guide books. That’s because witches use minerals, crystals, and stones all in a similar way for magic and spell work. Though it’s great to know the differences between the different materials, it won’t really change the method for how you use them in your witchcraft.