Raw & Polished Crystals

If you’re familiar with crystals, you’ve probably noticed some are smooth while others are rough. Some are even cut into points, spheres, wands, and other shapes. All of these crystals hold power, no matter what shape they come in. It all depends on what you like, and what you plan on using the crystals for.

Raw stones are the “natural” looking crystals. They have rough edges and jagged surfaces. These can be used for crystal grids, altars, casting circles, and many other magical purposes. Crystal clusters fall into this category as well. These decorative stones are useful for directing energy.

Tumbled or polished stones are smooth, sometimes rounded crystals. Tumbled crystals are ideal for placing on your body for energetic healing and charging water for elixirs. These stones are also great for carrying with you for magic on-the-go.

Crystal points are perfect for placing in the center of crystal grids to direct the energy up into the universe. Some crystal points are pointed on both ends. These send out energy in two different directions.

Crystal spheres are known for their relaxing, soothing qualities. These are great for placing in a busy office setting or using to massage your hands or soles of your feet. Obsidian and quartz spheres can also be used for scrying.

Crystal cubes, pyramids, skulls, hearts, and other shapes are fun to use in magic. Place them on your altar or in the center of a crystal grid as a focal point.

Natural Or Man-Made Crystals

Many people will tell you that natural crystals are the best for magical use. These are crystals that have been created in the earth over the course of millions (or billions) of years. They carry all the energy of the earth as well as the vibration of their organized atoms. The downside of these crystals is they are more expensive and some believe they aren’t as eco-friendly as their man-made counterparts.

Man-made crystals are created in labs. Some people like the look of these crystals better than natural stones because they don’t have any impurities in their appearance. They also have the same repeating atomic pattern as a natural crystal, which contains powerful energy. Other pros of this kind of crystal are that they’re less expensive and considered more eco-friendly.

It’s totally up to you which kind of crystal you buy. Both kinds of crystals have identical structures, which is a big part of what makes crystals so powerful.