Though crystal energy was used in ancient cultures, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that the practice of crystal magic and healing gained popularity in modern society. Crystal magic isn’t totally mainstream yet, but these pretty rocks are prevalent enough that even non-witchy people have interacted with them at some point in their lives.

What Science Says:

You’ve probably heard some of this in science class, and there’s a lot more to be said about the science behind crystals. If this is something that interests you, I invite you to dig into this further. New thought philosophy also comes into play when discussing the power of crystals and it’s helpful to include both schools of thought when first learning about crystals. Here’s an overview of how crystals work:

Everything in the universe is made of matter and energy. Matter is made up of particles called atoms and molecules. These particles are constantly vibrating even though we can’t detect it with our senses.

In the late 1800s, scientists discovered two useful electrical effects associated with crystals. The piezoelectric effect is the electrical charge that happens when a nonconducting crystal is exposed to certain mechanical forces. This electrical effect is why quartz crystals are used in radios, watches, computers and cell phones. The other effect is called the pyroelectric effect. It happens when crystals can generate their own electricity as a result of changes in temperature. This energy is used for generating power and detecting heat.

What New Thought Philosophy Says:

All matter vibrates at its own unique frequency. Humans have their own vibrational frequency which fluctuates depending on different factors such as mood, self-care habits, situations, current stress levels, and supportive relationships in a person’s life. Much of modern magic functions on the principle that all vibrations attract other people or things with similar vibrations.

Because of their crystalline structure, many crystals, minerals, and rocks vibrate at a high frequency. Unlike humans, crystals maintain their high vibration. The benefit of this is that you can use high-vibrating crystals to raise your own vibration simply by being near or in contact with them.

In crystal magic, you use crystals that have a vibration that resonates with the frequencies of a specific intention. For example, citrine vibrations resonate with the frequencies of abundance, success, and money. Therefore citrine is an excellent crystal to use for business-related spells. As you work with the vibrations of the citrine, you’re raising your internal vibration to a similar level. This vibrational shift will help you attract the abundance, success, and money you desire.