Clear Quartz

If you can only buy one crystal and you’re not sure what to get—go with a clear quartz. These stones are beautiful, easy to find, and good for any kind of magic you wish to perform. This crystal can be clear or have a whitish tint to it. This versatile stone can be used for cleansing a space, connecting to your higher power, and amplifying the power of your intention. Its hexagonal lattice gives the stone potent manifesting energy.

A Simple Cleansing Spell With Clear Quartz

This spell can be used to cleanse a space prior to any spell work, or as a method for getting rid of any lingering negativity in a space (such as after a fight or a bout of crying). This is also a perfect spell to perform after you physically clean a space, so it’s clean energetically, too!

Place a medium to large-sized piece of clear quartz in the center of the room you wish to cleanse. If you have six smaller pieces of clear quartz, you can arrange them in a hexagon shape along the perimeter of the room.

Sit in the center of the room and close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath. Gently sway your torso in a clockwise motion, making the circles smaller and smaller until you feel completely centered over your hips. Once you feel grounded and balanced on the earth, visualize a white light coming down from above and filling the space, driving out all negative energy. You may choose to chant an intention. You can make one up or use this one: “Sparkling, clean light fills this space. I am cleansed. This space is cleansed.” Continue this meditation until you feel the room has been cleansed. Ten minutes is usually enough. When you feel complete, open your eyes and gather up your crystals. Thank each one for lending its energy to your intention.

Ten Common Crystals For Magic

If you’re ready to expand your crystal collection, here are ten crystals that are perfect for beginners to use in their magic.


This purple crystal known as “the sobriety stone” was used by the ancient Greeks to ward off drunkenness. Amethyst aids in breaking addictions, detoxing, manifesting, connecting to your intuition, enhancing psychic abilities, and promoting creativity. This stone can be found in its natural form or polished. Amethyst geodes can be used for charging other crystals and magical tools.  


This crystal carries the energy of mental clarity, spiritual connection, meditation, protection, forgiveness, and cleansing. Like clear quartz, selenite is self-charging and self-cleansing. You can also cleanse your other magical tools with this stone.  


This crystal is usually a vivid red and carries the potent energy of courage, strength, and motivation. It has the nickname of “the artist’s stone” because of its ability to amplify creativity. This stone is also used to attract your true love—someone who will connect with you spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


Sometimes referred to as the merchant stone, Citrine is often used to bring about money, success in business, and abundance. Additionally, this crystal is great for increasing self-esteem, self-image, and creativity. Place this crystal in your wallet for money magic or carry this stone in your pocket while schmoozing at a work event.

Rose Quartz

This pink stone is known for cultivating unconditional love, self-love, healthy friendships, romance, and meaningful relationships of all kinds. Keep this crystal close to your heart by wearing it on a necklace or putting it in your shirt pocket. This stone is also very healing and can be helpful to meditate with after a breakup or a relationship conflict.

Smoky Quartz

This crystal can be gray or light brown. It’s one of the best crystals for banishing negativity and replacing it with positive energy. You can place four small smoky quartz crystals outside the four corners of your house to keep all the negativity out and cultivate a loving, positive environment within.


This crystal can be many different colors. It’s common to see this stone cut as a slab, which is a lovely addition to an altar or desk. This hexagonal lattice crystal can help with manifesting, focus, protection, emotional balance, and concentration. This stone is great for productivity spells.


When this stone was first discovered, people thought it was a piece of the northern lights that had fallen out of the sky. Its blue, green, and multi-colored glints of color are brought out when the stone is polished. This triclinic lattice crystal can banish negativity while holding onto positive energy. This magical stone also promotes restful sleep, pleasant dreams, and a strong connection to the spirit world.


This stone is magnetic which makes it ideal for any kind of “attracting” magic. Love, financial abundance, a new home, a dream vacation are all desires you call in with this powerful stone. This monoclinic lattice crystal also holds strong grounding and protection energy.


This striking stone is a widely recognizable bluish-green. It’s used for absorbing negative energy, and calling in luck, prosperity, personal empowerment, creativity, good communication, and powerful public speaking.