It’s helpful to cleanse any crystals before using them for magic. The reason for this is that crystals may pick up energy from the people or environment it came into contact with before you bought it. Keep in mind that some cleansing techniques only work for certain crystals, and no single way cleanses better than another. Over time you’ll find which techniques work best for your needs.

Running Water

Find a source of naturally flowing water like a river or waterfall. Hold the crystal in the water for a minute or so, letting the water move smoothly over the stone. Some crystals like mica and selenite can get damaged by water, so make sure the crystal you cleanse this way is water-safe. Clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst and citrine do well with water cleansing.


Dissolve salt in a container of water and soak your crystals inside for about an hour. Don’t leave any stones submerged for more than a couple of hours. This method works well for quartz stones, but some other stones can be damaged by salt. Do some research on your particular stones before you try this.


You can cleanse and charge your stones in the energy of the new moon or the full moon. Leave your crystals outside or on a windowsill overnight. In the morning, you can bring your stones in and use them for magic.

Earth Cleansing

Bury your stones outside and leave them there for an entire lunar cycle. Over the course of the twenty-eight days, the crystals will get cleansed by the earth while absorbing the full spectrum of lunar energies. If you’re worried about losing your stones, bury them in a terracotta pot filled with dirt that sits in contact with the earth.

Other Crystals

Clear quartz, selenite, citrine, and kyanite are known to be self-cleansing. You can use that energy to cleanse your other stones. Set the crystals that need cleansing somewhere touching the self-cleansing stone. Leave them undisturbed for a least a few hours. If you have any large geodes, you can place the stones directly in the cavity for cleansing.

Smoke Cleansing

Light cleansing incense like sage or cedar and allow each stone to pass through the smoke. This method is safe for all crystals. Make sure you are in a ventilated space and away from children or animals when you use this method. Incense bundles or incense burned on a charcoal disc in your cauldron are ideal for this kind of cleansing. As the crystals move through the smoke, visualize all the negative energy moving out of your stones.

Sound Cleansing

A tuning fork, a bell, a singing bowl, or binaural beats (on Youtube or Spotify) can cleanse your crystals. This is one of the easiest methods to use and it’s cleansing effects are immediate.

Your Own Energy

You can use your own energy to both cleanse and charge your stones. Just be mindful of how you feel before and after the process. If this method tires you out, use a different one. To do this, hold the crystal in your hands and visualize white light filling your space from above. In your mind’s eye, see this light seeping into your body and the stones you’re holding. Do this for about ten minutes or until you feel that your crystals are cleansed.

How Often Should You Cleanse Crystals?

Cleanse your stones immediately after bringing them home from the store (or receiving them in the mail).

Cleanse them again after every spell you perform with them. Additionally, if you haven’t worked with a particular crystal in awhile, wipe or rinse off the stone to physically clean it then perform an energetic cleansing.

When Should You Get Rid Of Crystals?

Try to keep track of all the crystals you acquire. You’ll know intuitively if it’s time to let go of a crystal. You can give it to a friend, bury it, or sell it. Strive to maintain a sense of “flow” with all your crystals. Allow more stones into your life and let them go in a natural cycle.

If a crystal breaks, this can mean that you no longer need the energy of that particular crystal, or that whatever magic you performed made that stone work hard! If you believe the latter is the case, simply take the broken pieces, cleanse them, and return them to your collection. You can also give pieces to your friends and family to share this crystal’s energy. Even if the stone breaks, the energetic properties are still intact. Feel free to continue using it.