Many witches choose to charge or “program” their crystals for specific spells and intentions. You can think of this as preheating the oven at a certain temperature for whatever you’re planning on baking.

Here are 8 powerful ways to charge to charge or program your crystals:

  • Charge your crystal with soil, sage, rosemary, rose petals and other earth materials for grounding and balancing spells.

  • Charge the stone in lunar energy for spiritual intention spells, increased psychic awareness, and mental clarity spells.

  • Put on your favorite playlist and let the beats of the music charge your crystals. Make sure the music goes with your intention—you’ll know intuitively if the music carries the right energy.

  • Charge crystals in your garden or in a potted plant for abundance and fertility magic.

  • Set a crystal on your vision board or photo of what you are working to manifest to program the stone with a specific intention.

  • Charge your crystals with tarot cards or oracle cards that support the intention of your magic.

  • Hold a crystal in the ocean for a minute or so to charge it for love and abundance magic.

  • Charge a stone with your mind and body by holding it in your dominant hand and visualizing your intention—specifically a scene from your life after the spell has worked. Send the energy of those mental images into the stone, so its charged specifically for that intention. Do this for five to ten minutes.

Tips For Using Crystals In Your Home & Other Practical Magic

When you’re not using your crystals for spells, you can place them around your house, workspace, or other areas you regularly spend time in. The energy of each stone will constantly work to raise the vibration of whatever space it occupies. Move your crystals around as necessary when you feel energy shifts.

Place amethyst or smoky quartz in your living room to dispel negative energy and promote positivity and peace.

Place black tourmaline outside (or just inside) your front door to keep negative people or energies from entering your home.

Use carnelian in your kitchen or office to promote productivity and motivation to get your task finished.

If you want to use your crystals primarily for spell work, you can store them in a silk or velvet pouch to protect them from ambient energies.