Once you are familiar with the energy of each crystal, you’ll begin to intuitively know what crystals to use for any kind of spell work. Crystal magic is simple—match the crystal energy with the intention, and it will strongly increase the power of your spells. If you already practice magic regularly, try adding one crystal to every spell. Journal about the results.

Color Magic Spell

When you’re not sure what kind of magic you need to do, look over your crystal collection and select one you’re drawn to. Notice the color of the stone and ask yourself what intentions you associate with that color. You can use traditional color magic such as red for love, blue for communication, etc. Or you can get an intention from something in your personal life. For example, if a red stone reminds you of your first car and the freedom you felt at the time in your life, use that stone to call in that freedom.

Next, pick a tarot or oracle card that also has the same color as your chosen crystal. If you don’t have tarot cards, draw a picture with a colored marker that symbolizes your intention.

Arrange your magical tools on your altar and light a candle that matches the color of the stone. Meditate on your intention as the candle burns.

Spiritual Connection & Intuition Spell

Burn incense in a cauldron or fireproof bowl and place an amethyst crystal nearby. Arrange clear quartz or selenite crystal around the cauldron to amplify your spell. Sit in front of your ritual space and visualize purple light rising up out of the crystal and mixing with the smoke from the incense. The potent spiritual energy of the amethyst and the smoke will connect you to the spirit realm for any intuition or psychic awareness you’re trying to cultivate.

This spell works because it takes the earth energy from the crystal and combines it with the air energy from the smoke. This is symbolic of you, a physical being, opening yourself up to the spiritual realm.

Circle Of Protection Spell

If you are doing any curses or spells that work with negative energy, you can use protective crystals to “contain” your curse, so it protects you from any potential negative effects of that spell. Place four agate crystals around the space where you’re doing the curse. Leave them there for the duration of your magic. Be sure the cleanse the crystals afterward.

Crystal & Ash Spell

On a sheet of paper, write an intention you’d like to manifest for the coming lunar cycle. Burn the paper in a fireproof container on the night of the new moon. Place a citrine crystal and three clear quartz crystals in the container. Set the container with the ashes and your four crystals outside overnight. The energy of the crystals, combined with the energy of the new moon, will send your intention up into the universe.

Bad Habit Releasing Spell

Trace a sigil on smoky quartz crystal with a bit of diluted lavender essential oil to represent a bad habit you are trying to break. Bury the stone on the first night of the waning moon. The releasing energy of the waning moon will help you as you work towards breaking your habit. Retrieve the stone on the night of the new moon and your spell is complete.