Placing a crystal into a liquid will infuse the crystal’s energy into the liquid. This creates what witches call a “crystal elixir”. This is powerful magic, especially if you drink the elixir with your intention in mind.

But it’s EXTREMELY important to NEVER make a crystal elixir with a stone you’re unfamiliar with. Some crystal release toxins or dissolve when you place them in water. Drinking that liquid is incredibly harmful.

Quartz crystals are safe to put in liquids, and if you’ve never done this before you should stick to those. There are other stones that make great elixirs, but you’ll need to research each stone to make sure it’s safe to use for elixir magic.

To make an elixir, fill a glass jar with water. Place several washed, polished (not raw) stones in the water. Place the water outside to “brew” in the energy of the moon. Make sure to use some kind of covering over the top to keep bugs out.

In the morning, remove the crystals and drink the water as you meditate on your intention. It doesn’t matter if you drink it all at once or sip it throughout your day—just make sure you use this water within twenty-four hours. You can add some of the elixir to a cup of tea or use it in a bath.

Some witches use sunlight to charge their elixirs. The downside to this method is that prolonged exposure to sunlight will fade the colors of your crystals. If you choose to use sunlight, only charge your crystal elixir for two hours.

You can also experiment with adding crystals to other liquids such as iced tea, kombucha or juice. Charging wine with a rose quartz crystal will promote romance, self-love, or friendship. Because these types of liquids can’t sit out overnight unrefrigerated, you’ll only be able to charge it in the liquid for twenty minutes or so.

Beware of putting crystals in hot or cold liquid. It can cause a crystal to crack. If this happens, discard the elixir—never drink it. To help prevent crystals from cracking, put the crystal in lukewarm liquid and gradually add warmer or colder liquid to the elixir. This makes the temperature change slower, which is more gentle on the crystal. This is especially important for using crystals in the bathtub.