You can arrange your crystals in different ways to combine their energies for a specific intention. This is called a “crystal grid”. Factors like numerology, sacred geometry, and intention setting are often used with this kind of magic.

A crystal grid usually consists of one central stone and several support stones. When placed in a symbolic shape, these stones work together to direct energy to a specific point. That specific point can be up, down, and horizontal. It all depends on your intention. You can use this intuitively. Think about where you want to direct your intention. Are you sending your intention up to the universe, directing the energy towards you, or sending the energy into the earth? There’s no right answer here and it’s fun to experiment with these variations.

The center stone in your grid represents your intention. Recommended crystal shapes for this include crystal points, pyramids, spheres, skulls, hearts or any large, attention-grabbing stone. Some witches write down their intention and place the folded paper under the center crystal.

The supporting stones are usually smaller crystals that add complementary energy to the intention. These stones are placed around the center stone to create different shapes. Clear quartz crystals are always great for this since they amplify any intention.

You can decide what shape to arrange your crystals based on your personal taste or use the guidelines of sacred geometry.

Sacred Geometry Symbolism

Circle—cycles, completion, protection, focus, of flow

Vesica Piscis—Creativity, transformation, new opportunities

Spiral—Expansion, spiritual connection, inner wisdom

Triangle—Manifestation, balance, protection, banishing energy

Square—Stability, consistency, grounding energy, determination

Crystal grids are most powerful when placed somewhere for an extended period of time. Some witches leave their grids up for thirty days. Other times, you’ll keep it just long enough to complete a single meditation session. Make sure to cleanse your crystals after every grid.