There’s a lot more you can learn about crystals, and you’ll gain knowledge through additional research and practical experimentation. Explore different rock shops in other regions, go to a crystal convention, watch Youtube videos, and read books on the many uses for crystals.

Though this course focuses on using crystals for magic, there are also ways you can use crystal energy to heal physical ailments and illnesses. If you do decide to try using crystals medicinally, make sure you are staying safe and NEVER rely on crystals when you’re in immediate need of a doctor or mental health professional.

Another way to grow your crystal knowledge is to journal about your experiences. Work with a different stone each day and write down any changes you notice. There are also beautiful crystal-themed oracle card decks to supplement your crystal practice.

No matter what your intention, the energy of crystals are always there for you. The more you work with these potent energies, the more powerful you’ll become.


Crystals for Healing by Karen Frazier

Elemental Energy: Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life by Kristin Petrovich

Crystal Grids Power by Ethan Lazzerini