Egg cleansing is a highly effective method of cleansing your energy that can also help you to diagnose the origin of the problem as well. Try to use the best quality eggs you can, organic eggs from your local farmers market are ideal.

  1. Clean the egg off in running water, this helps to remove any energies that might be attached to it already so that you can take full advantage of the cleansing properties.
  2. Sweep the egg over your body, about an inch above your skin. Use downward strokes, away from the heart. Don’t forget to cleanse the arms and pay special attention when cleansing the head as this is a common area for external energies to attach.
  3. Move the egg in counter-clockwise circles over any areas that you feel resistance or pain. If you like, you can also repeat this over your primary energy centers.
  4. Fill a clear glass 1/2 full of cool water and crack the egg into it. Looking at the egg can give you a lot of information about the root causes of your energy problems and can help point you toward the type of protective magic or cleansing bath that will help you confront any remaining problems.
  5. Flush the egg down the toilet or sink. Do not eat it! That would basically just be taking all of the energies you just removed and putting them right back into you.


There are many other ways to interpret a cleansing egg. If you find things in your egg reading that you do not see here a quick google search will often turn up good results in helping you to interpret further.

  • Egg breaking or exploding: Major energy clearing. You will need to repeat the egg cleansing to continue removing these issues!
  • Bad smell: Repeat the cleansing
  • Clouds or bubbles: Thoughts were removed
  • Eyeball shaped: The evil eye was removed
  • Solid, round globs in the white: Attached spirits removed
  • Blood, hair, or other miscellaneous matter: Heavy energies were removed. Illness was possibly also removed.
  • Long thick strands in the white: Thoughts/emotions were removed